keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2016

FF XIII: Lightning Returns

Oh, it's the night time again, I'm surely going to go to sleep any moment now, any moment...


Since this game felt like a work load, I decided to simply make a celebration post for finally (pun not intended) playing it through! 

I might want to not comment this game much further than that but let's just say that in a game with limited time until the World is going to end, it was frustrating to have nothing, absolutely nothing sensible to do for last four days. So maybe there were two optional bosses, but aside of that, nothing to do at all! This resulted in just hunting nice landscapes for twitter postings. That's not a good sign in my books. But it did look pretty!

I obviously do not own those pictures, if someone wants to know.


As for other things!
School! Trying to be sporty! Sewing!
Sigh, I would like to serve you some good quality pictures of the sewing projects, but the timetables are so full at the moment that I haven't been able to arrange any time with my reliable photographers.