sunnuntai 3. tammikuuta 2016

London, Autumn

Aaaaand a happy New Yeaar! Oh my. What could be a better way to start this blog year than posting something from last year? Please, do not answer to that one.


Alright, 2015 autumn, just a bit before Halloween, me and Jen flew to London together. We had a huge list of places we wanted to see, half of which fitted very well to the creepy theme of the nearing Halloween. Getting into the mood of the trip, we attended a goth event the night before. And! We still made it in time to our flight! 

Lots of pictures again, so I'll keep the written parts short. If there are questions about locations or others, ask away.

Day 1

Most of our first day we sat on either a plane or a subway or somewhere in between. Our hotel had a perfect location near St Pancras and King's Cross stations.  During the first evening we walked all around the hotel's neighbourhood in order to find good markets, cafes and whatnots. Also... it was Saturday evening. In London. That meant [Slimelight]! We were so hyped ... that we got lost on the way and strolled all around for almost an hour. Haha! See the red line on the map below (no, we didn't have a map with us when we were walking). Oh, but so many pretty people when we finally got there~

Day 2

Alright! We dedicated our second day to the science and headed over to the Science Museum followed by the Museum of Natural History. The British Museum was closed by the time we got there, but that left our evening free for some chocolate hunting! 

Day 3

The third day was our official shopping day, mostly spend around Camden Town. First we however stopped by Bakerstreet, but sadly some certain museum was closed when we got there. Afterwards we got half lost through some parks and riversides when closing meter by meter to Camden. We did get there, eventually, and to some other places as well. Also, since you can't go to London without a theater experience, at the evening it was time for something Wicked! 

Day 4

This day was our creepystuffday. Our first stop was the London Dungeon with a look into London's dark past. Grant Museum of Zoology had all sorts of animalthings in tiny jars and skeletons all around. A very nice place, hehe. After this we headed to the Hunterian Museum and the evening stroll took us to the Jack the Ripper tour. Oh, and as apparently usual, we did get lost again, once between the museums and once we got separated in the subway... the others in there got good smirks on their faces as me and Jen stood on different sides of the closed door and the train sped away.

Day 5

On our final day in London we visited some more shops and areas, walked the river side and got completely soaked in the rain. My shoe was still all wet as we got into the plane. We didn't get lost today or did we?

The lovely Hannibal book was from this awesome shop Forbidden planet that seemed to have something for every fandom. The Ripper book was from the tour on the fourth day. 

Tea! There has to be tea! This pretty tea selection box was from Whittard's shop at Covent Garden.

Ohm, I know, a bad picture, but [insert explanations] and this great, long print dress was saved from Cyberdog shop. There was also this other nice, printed shirt, which I seem to be wearing right now, but forgot to photograph for this post... 


Alright. 2016. Let's have a good year!

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  1. I really want to go to London and see all the things I missed, we did not have time there to see all the things!

    1. There are so many things to see and places to visit in London...Simply impossible to visit them all with just one trip! I hope you get to go there and see the things you missed~