maanantai 27. heinäkuuta 2015

Lumous VX Report

Ooh, according to the numbers there is a new reader hiding somewhere? Welcome, even though I can't see your name on the list~


The first week of July 2015 it was once again time for [Lumous Festival], possibly the best week of the year. Starting on Thursday and lasting to the early hours of Monday there were gothic people wandering around Tampere, Finland. 

This time I too managed to have almost work free week, so I was able to concentrate on enjoying the fest and the beautiful people attending it... or almost, haha, since I found myself selling entrance tickets to the festival itself. It was just the perfect chance to admire everyone's oufits from a close distance!

Ready for some hazy photos?



Thursday was the first day of the festival and we loitered early to Dog's Home to meet up with friends, to make few new ones and to listen to Harmony Garden and The Flatfield performing. Enjoyable evening passed by calmly and was a good start to the this year's festival.

My dress for the evening was a new one that I found from a secondhand store during my trip to London earlier this year (oh, still haven't written anything about it since my travelling companion is holding half of the pictures!). Funnily it is almost the same dress I wore to The End club two years ago, except now it was in maxi length!


The Friday was started from Dog's Home, from where we headed to Klubi. The evening began with some more meetings and greetings as well as our work shift at the main entrance. When we were allowed to return, we headed pretty much straight to the dance floor in order to get to dance as long as possible! 


Afghan Dance

Golden Apes


Red Sun Revival

After party pictures after going through a sauna? Sure.
Ram's Head Waistcorset - reStyle // Tulle Skirts, Studded bag, Necklace - secondhand // Buckled Boots - Demonia

My company wasn't all imaginary friends, see? Haha!


On Saturday morning (fine, midday) we ventured to Klubi for a breakfast buffet and then to Vapriikki with its curious tables filled with curious things waiting to be bought and brought home. I managed to keep myself from doing that though, yet some of them still haunt my mind... We also went to see the short films about urban exploring by TreStalkers -group which were wonderfully inspiring! Since I usually have had work shifts due my summer job, I haven't been able to take part in day activities of Lumous for few past years. I was most happy to be there this year~

Wandered around during daytime in this long dress from Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi.

Saturday evening started at my place where we went trough some arghwhattowearargh -moments and last-minute-changes and pretty much missed what was going on at Dog's Home. To the klubi we arrived safe and sound. As to be expected: music, dancing, beautiful people and more dancing. 


Forgotten Sunrise

Los Carniceros del Norte

Das Ich

It seems that this year I was drawn to maxi hems with my oufits! 
Long Dress - selfmade


Sunday then! Surprisingly I didn't sleep all day, but actually made it in time for Gothnic at Näsinpuisto with Jen and the other kids. Absentmindedly munched away some picnic goodies, got to shake hands with some new persons and just relaxed and enjoyed the day. The time flew by in the lovely summer air and I could have stayed in the park for hours more if we hadn't planned to visit home before heading to The End. 

Before The End, there was a Song Writers' Club at Dog's Home where musicians from Two Witches told about making their songs as well as played some of them in acoustic fashion. Good fun~

And The End? No pictures in The End. But I must say, it was just as hot as always, and I hope me and Jen didn't traumatize the tall security guy from Klubi by dragging him to dance with us all evening! When the morning of Monday dawned and the last goths standing were thrown out of nightclub Doris, we had to admit that it's again a one whole year until the next Lumous Festival. How will we ever survive?

I forgot to take my camera to the picnic so no outfit photo or other pics from there either, but here is the final outfit of my Lumous XV this year.
Print Top - some shop at Camden // Skull Skirt - secondhand


Other things? I should be sleeping! I'm supposed to be at work in less than 12h again! 
Other things? I just read a book Tampere Tulessa 1918 (transl. Tampere on Fire 1918) by Timo Malmi and Ari Järvelä and found it a book that many, especially Finnish people, should read. With its entries from people who saw the war from such a close distance, it was very.. I don't even have a word for it. But I still think that people should read it to widen their mind. Not many now days know of the battles to death which took place in this city. Especially for those living in Tampere... this one entry from almost 100 years ago took place only ten meters from where I live! The book leaves the reader with confused feelings... in a sort of enlightening way.

tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Leather and Graffiti Walls

Back in the spring (my updates are always made in time, aren't they) I made these two dresses and requested [Miss K] for some pictures of them. After I got a photographer I attacked my little sister [Giko] and made her wear the other one of the two. 

The dresses were really fun to make and the fake leather I used was very soft and nice to wear. I was supposed to put these two on sale, but somehow I ended up using the other dress as my graduation dress and the other one needs some improvements patternwise and I already jumped around wearing it in Lumous.. Hahaha, I suppose I'll just keep them to myself then! Now that they are "used" and all! The pictures were taken with the purpose of showing the whole dress as if in a catalog in mind.

The pictures were taken at an old match factory that has been abandoned for a good while and as the times and people have passed it by it has been turned into a wonderful living graffiti art hall. We were in a bit of hurry to go get these pictures as a huge construction site is going to destroy it one of these days. It's not yet official, but it is only a matter of time. It is such a shame that such an interesting place is going to be swallowed by the city. It seems that no petitions are going to save it even though there has been magazine articles and such in order to keep it as it is. 

More of our photos and some shots I took of Miss K herself the same day you can find in her official photography sites behind [this link].

So pretty~