maanantai 22. kesäkuuta 2015

Hellocon 2015 + Helsinki

I'm not late at all with this post! Or am I....
Hellocon was held in Helsinki, Finland, 9.5.2015.
Truth to be told, I hadn't originally planned to attend it due my late absence from the lolita community, but in the end I agreed to accompany my sister. And I'm happy I did! I absolutely loved the fashion shows and just to watch all the beautiful clothing and beautiful people attending the event! I myself rolled around in the kodona coord shown in the earlier post. While spending the convention with [Lon] and [Giko], I also ran to others I know, including [Sera] to whom I think I promised to attend the next local meet-up. Oh dear... 

While the event was a lot of fun, me and Giko arrived a day earlier to Helsinki in order to visit some local shops. The photos from Hellocon are by Giko, so more of those in her [post] or if you want to see even more, the official pictures from the event can be found through the event's [official sites]. 

Destiny store in Helsinki... I could have horded half of their inventory with me.

The Ounce, some serious tea love~


As for other things? Steam's summer sale. Do I need to say more? It's ending in few hours, so, I'm gonna be there. For the next few hours. 

perjantai 5. kesäkuuta 2015

Kodona Shooting. No Guns Involved.

Whew! Took me a while to sit down and edit these! Since I did my final work for school about kodona, I also wanted to have some proper photos of the gilet sewn in the progress. Therefore I glompfed [Giko] with me and tried to look handsome. When I presented my work, theory and the product, to my class, they were very interested and especially the photos "really set the mood" and my teacher did say something about not being able to believe it's really me in the pictures... I suppose she saw me and my Monday mornings few times too often!

Nevertheless! Have pictures.

Gilet & Pants - selfmade // Tophat & High Collar Shirt & Platform Shoes - secondhand


Enough representative pictures? Thought so!

Yup. I should make the final picture my new avatar on every possible site.


As for other things.. I graduated! Whew. After Graduation party I had some nightshifts and entrance exams to new school and worked a bit too hard on all that, since right after I spend two days with fever and completely without energy to even walk inside the apartment. Wups.Way to start the summer.