lauantai 25. huhtikuuta 2015

Tampere Kuplii. Well, Mostly.

Whew, I can honestly say that this has been one of the busiest half a years I have ever lived through! There is so much to write about that it was hard to decide which topic I should start with. 

Somewhere in May there was a comic festival here in Tampere, called [Tampere Kuplii]. 

I visited the event only briefly with my [sister], but still managed to poke through a good number of comics, take one of them home, see some art and sew Batman logos on skirts. Haha.

In the case of this comic book I must admit that I bought it mostly because the cover art looked awesome, but the art thorough was very nice and the plot interesting. I must admit that I have read manga for many years and the western comics.. not so much. The visual telling is so different it always takes a bit of time to get used to.

And that red eyed lady in there. Made of awesome. I just have a bad feeling that she won't be in the next book...


As for other things, the school has kept me very busy. As a finishing year we had this one final, huge work to do and that was some intense work week! I made a gilet and wrote a huge pile of pages about kodona style and about being a kodona for the theory part of the work. I also had a photoshoot with my sister to get some proper pictures of the final product. I'll do a proper posting of that when I get around editing the photos!

(Dress ----- Killstar)

Also somewhere around that May month as well was Schatten reunion club event thingy, and naturally I attended it and danced with friends until the place started to close down for the night, haha. After party photos always very glamorous.

Oh. It's gotten late again. To sleep! To dream! 

sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Jonkun on oltava Pan

Oooh, for the last four hours I have been writing my thesis for the school and my brains are getting cooked. Therefore! I came here! And wrote this! Ta-dah!


The title of this post could be translated to "Someone has to be Pan" which is the name of the Peter Pan play I took part in by helping out with the sewing business of the costumes. I was the luckiest thing when the costume designer asked if I'd join in. Which I naturally did. Even though the timing couldn't have been worse due all the work/trainee/irlstuff going on at the time. 

At this point of life, the sewing part of the business is done and I got to see the play itself on the play's premiere on 29.3.2015. And was I amazed by it and after hearing the actors/writers/makers speak about working in the project and talking of how the project came to be in the first place... They are amazing, young people! The script, music, choreography and simply just the all of it is made by them. There are some shows still coming up, so if you have a chance, please support the wonderful people who are fulfilling their dreams through this project. Not to mention it is one fine, fun play with catchy songs!

The story takes place in Neverland, as Peter Pan brings over two new children from our World and time. It is a new take of the well-known story with a modern twist. Cute characters, wonderful actors, fun music, sword fights, pirates, fairies... An adventure that you can enjoy were you a kid or an adult.

Have a few pictures more. They are naturally not taken by me, and to see more of them, visit the sites mentioned above~


Ookay. It's 11PM. Am I still supposed to go back to my school work? Or.. could I play a bit? Just a bit? Maybe just a bit...

Since Peter Pan is green have a random, terrible shot of me running off to my workplace's party. (The theme was summer festivals, of which I naturally chose Lumous Gothic Festival, yet everyone continuously thought me as some fancy hippie... it was due the glasses, wasn't it?)