perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

Artbook Love: Yoshitaka Amano

Back in 2013 I wrote few words about this Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano ([here to be exact], and tried to convince myself that after purchasing the intriguing tarot cards with his artwork, I would survive without the art books. Well, I tend to be wrong. Now I have two of them in my possession. 

So much beauty had to be shared, therefore, here you go:

I absolutely loved all the Vampire Hunter D artworks by Yoshitaka Amano, but this one was probably my favorite. So beautiful... now anyone seen an art print of this so that I can have it on my wall?


As for other things.. 
I have been working myself to an early grave. In other words very stressful. In other words, I would really like to barricade myself indoors and sleep and play video games for few weeks. But at least all the things keeping me busy are leading to something awesome. Like the costumery work for [Jonkun on oltava Pan] -theater piece. The designer has some unique pieces planned (and in this point also completed) for this and the sewing team is very nice to work with. I haven't seen any of the actual play or read the script, so I'm very excited to see the complete thing when the shows start! [The play's Facebook page] has some more pictures and a happy trailer, if you are interested, theehee.

They seem to be considering to make more of the wonderful TV series Pushing daisies, if it wins this voting thing [here]. Or at least they are voting for it? Nevertheless! Pushing Daisies for the win! Even if you haven't watched, you should vote it (and then watch it, or the other way around if you are fast enough)!