tiistai 24. helmikuuta 2015


Welcomes to Wendy Verdonk! Enjoy your stay~


All sorts of things, all the time. One of the things among things that I felt a huge urge to share is my current fangirling subject: 

Hannibal. The TV series. 

Oh my. If you haven't watched it yet, please do now. Everyone should (err, if you don't mind some... interesting ways of dying and killing) watch it, because it deserves more love and respect and adoration!

I take it that everyone knows how the story goes about Hannibal Lecter? (If someone is unfortunate enough not to know, then visit some library. Google will do as well. ) This TV series is made based on Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon and its genre is referred to as psychological thriller-horror. It's also a wonderful drama series, and so far the only police themed series that I have been seriously hooked to. Hooked to Hannibal... ... ... Fanart incoming, where is my sketch book...

Right! Must stay on the subject!  

To check more info, you may poke [the official sites] or maybe this [Wikipedia article].
So far there has been two seasons and the third one is on its way, said to be released during this year's summer (personally, I can't wait). 

When checking the names behind the series, I noticed that Bryan Fuller must be some sort of genius. This man has been writing and creating not only Hannibal but also Pushing Daisies, another series which I adore. Not to mention for example Heroes, which's first season I remember being very outstanding as well.

Oh, and I won't even start about Mads Mikkelsen's cheekbones. I could spend some serious amount of time just smiling at that face. 

I seem to have hard time to put a sensible word after another, so I will keep this short.
Hannibal is visually gorgeous, story-wise wonderfully planned, creepy in an enchanting way and the chemistry between the two main characters is very delicious (~~~theamountofsla..... ehmehm... just~~). Inspiring, intriguing series.

Watch and love Hannibal.


As for other things.. I have been working like mad! Aside of my trainee things at a local theater and the usual, I have managed to enlist myself as an assistant to a friend in charge of costumes for a Peter Pan theater piece [Jonkun on oltava Pan]. I wish I could give them more time and love, but I'm running short of the first... but I'll give them all I have left! Also, if you run around close enough, feel free to purchase tickets and check the thing out! I haven't seen any of the actual play, but it sounds interesting (well, Peter Pan is a lots of fun to start with) and I know the director to be especially good with the fighting scenes, so I'm looking forwards to see some spectacular looking action!

Oh. And I have, unsurprisingly, been producing a pile of Hannibal themed sketches, haha. Oh, I wish I could just keep on drawing things for a week or two with nothing else to worry about! ... The cheekbones... I can't even...