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Pyynikinajot 2015

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Whew, my blogblock was a long one! Now, let's get back to the business...


The autumn may be all around us, but I still have some Summer memories to share! It was a hot, hot Summer day as I swung my camera on my shoulder and jumped on a bike, in order to get close to one of my slight obsessions. That is, the motorbikes, haha! 

Pyynikinajot was a racing event in Tampere, Finland. The track of the original race ran on the public streets 1932-1939 and 1946-1971, after which it was banned due general safety concerns. Back in the day however it was big enough to host even the world championships.
[Official sites (Finnish)] for those who may be interested.

This Summer a memorial event was held on the same racing site and a good deal of old bikes were brought to the site. Followed by a nice amount of new bikes naturally, as many of the visitors arrived on their own motorcycles. Haha, me in my 50's coord accompanied by a black Yoshimite bike fit right in!

Some pics? Some pics:


As for other things!
Oh, I don't even know. I suppose my brains have been wrapping themselves around school relates business for whole Autumn. Except the point where I escaped to London, UK, for few days. Maybe I'll share some pictures from that trip the next time I get to sit down to write here!

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