maanantai 14. syyskuuta 2015

Horder Summer

Welcome [Changli]!


As a horder, I have once again proven very successful in my profession! During the summer my hands have been busy saving a good deal of stuff, most of which seem to have been books. No wonder I'm running to a space problem with my bookshelves again! (A space problem... beware Moon, here they come!) In any case, a rundown of summer horderingeringerings:

Unlike usually, all of these three I actually bought as new, from Akateeminen Kirjakauppa. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell is the one I'm currently reading.

These three then again were not new when I saved them! The book about Aztecs and the one about Middle Ages were bought used, while the book by Moning was a drifting book that I spotted at the library. I read through it and send it on its way again.

A book about the worst inventions in the World's history. It sure sounds promising.

The two history books about dueling I bought secondhand from my favorite antiquarian bookstore, The Resurrectionist, which was featured in one of the earlier posts, came from eBay and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare was a true jackpot spotted in one of the local flea markets. 

A pretty Gaiman book from an antiquarian bookstore.

My fingers had been aching to catch and run away with some epic candle holders, so was I in luck when I found these just waiting for me in one of the local flea markets?

Clothingwise the hunts haven't been that successful, but I have sewed a good lot! Sadly most of those have been to someone else and handed over in such a hurry that I have been left without pics, sigh... This one is a secondhand dress I bought with less than 10e.

I originally bought this secondhand necklace so that I could put it in pieces, but now I just can't... there is something very nice about it as it is..


As for other things!
I've read through Thomas Harris' Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon, watched The Last Airbender -series with my roommate and been sewing stuff. Yup. At the moment, I would like to sleep good 14h, play through some video games and eat an ice cream mountain. Carry on.