sunnuntai 30. elokuuta 2015

Animecon 2015

Ooooh! I have to do this before it's two months late..!

Animecon! Like the last year, Animecon was held at the start of July. In fact the week right after Lumous Festival. Which means that this year was just like the last year in one thing: I hadn't slept properly for a week when it was time to start the car for Kuopio. During Lumous, you don't sleep at night, working in nightshifts doesn't let you sleep during nights and cosplay allnighters sure don't let you sleep at night.

Our team decided to go easy this year and made summer yukatas for anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And I must say it was a wonderfully pleasant cosplay to be inside while strolling the fully packed corridors of the con building. As for making-wise, the yukatas came together rather nicely in few "yukata factory" days we spend together with the team. But in the end they weren't finished until the final hours... In fact the day before the travelling day, I did an evening shift at work and when I got home we all worked on the paintings on the yukatas... and you should have seen what we looked like when finally rolling over to catch few hours of sleep after smacking potatoes around yukatas for 9h in a row. I slept on a mattress on the floor right next to the yukatas and at the morning realized that I had also managed to paint a good deal of the floor! Haha!

Me as Sayaka Miki

[Lon] as Kyoko Sakura

[Giko] as Homura Akemi

J-pon as Mami Tomoe

Alright! So we got ourselves to Kuopio in time! And so had a good deal of others, for was this convention sold out? Perhaps? Programwise there was some good topics, but not as many as in some other cons we have been to. Nevertheless we found things to do for all our time there. We also attended the undoubtedly worst program number so far. You may get an idea if I tell you that Lon went on and on about how bad it was for the rest of the day! And she sure had a reason to! But it was a pleasant con, but maybe, just maybe, I could try sleeping properly the next time I'm about to attend one.


We found ourselves a Madoka!

The bow master at work.

Right! Most of the pics here are by Giko, whose blog you can check for more Animecon pics!

Leaving us behind?

.. I wonder why!

The weather was a good deal chillier than last year, so there was no hope in a dream of jumping into a local lake. We did go for a walk on the beach in hopes of getting some proper photos, but a good attempt ended into a good deal of general derpiness and one amusing video, which you won't be seeing here today. Haha. In fact there was a good deal of awesome photos of idiotic faces and poses, but just in case my team wouldn't love me anymore, I'm not posting those here!

Alright. Whew!
Tracon is next week!

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  1. Oottepas ihanaisia! ^___^
    Kuulinki Ronjan jutskuista et on jotain yukata-meininkiä, niistä tuli kyllä tosti nätit!

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha, vähä tehtiin kieliposkella, mutta hyvä, jos lopputulos näyttää asianmukaselta! Mukavat ne kyllä oli päällä :3.

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Haha! Thank you! And they were really comfortable too~