tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Leather and Graffiti Walls

Back in the spring (my updates are always made in time, aren't they) I made these two dresses and requested [Miss K] for some pictures of them. After I got a photographer I attacked my little sister [Giko] and made her wear the other one of the two. 

The dresses were really fun to make and the fake leather I used was very soft and nice to wear. I was supposed to put these two on sale, but somehow I ended up using the other dress as my graduation dress and the other one needs some improvements patternwise and I already jumped around wearing it in Lumous.. Hahaha, I suppose I'll just keep them to myself then! Now that they are "used" and all! The pictures were taken with the purpose of showing the whole dress as if in a catalog in mind.

The pictures were taken at an old match factory that has been abandoned for a good while and as the times and people have passed it by it has been turned into a wonderful living graffiti art hall. We were in a bit of hurry to go get these pictures as a huge construction site is going to destroy it one of these days. It's not yet official, but it is only a matter of time. It is such a shame that such an interesting place is going to be swallowed by the city. It seems that no petitions are going to save it even though there has been magazine articles and such in order to keep it as it is. 

More of our photos and some shots I took of Miss K herself the same day you can find in her official photography sites behind [this link].

So pretty~

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