maanantai 22. kesäkuuta 2015

Hellocon 2015 + Helsinki

I'm not late at all with this post! Or am I....
Hellocon was held in Helsinki, Finland, 9.5.2015.
Truth to be told, I hadn't originally planned to attend it due my late absence from the lolita community, but in the end I agreed to accompany my sister. And I'm happy I did! I absolutely loved the fashion shows and just to watch all the beautiful clothing and beautiful people attending the event! I myself rolled around in the kodona coord shown in the earlier post. While spending the convention with [Lon] and [Giko], I also ran to others I know, including [Sera] to whom I think I promised to attend the next local meet-up. Oh dear... 

While the event was a lot of fun, me and Giko arrived a day earlier to Helsinki in order to visit some local shops. The photos from Hellocon are by Giko, so more of those in her [post] or if you want to see even more, the official pictures from the event can be found through the event's [official sites]. 

Destiny store in Helsinki... I could have horded half of their inventory with me.

The Ounce, some serious tea love~


As for other things? Steam's summer sale. Do I need to say more? It's ending in few hours, so, I'm gonna be there. For the next few hours. 

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  1. I love the bird claw candle holders!

    1. Me too! I was so broke that I couldn't buy anything from that store, but I'll be going back later this summer ÖwÖ.