keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015

Habits of a Horder

Welcome to Alcyone! I hope you enjoy your stay~


I think I have done quite well with avoiding stores and such! That is... at least if we leave out the stops at some game stores, haha. Nevertheless, some things have appeared around my chaotic corners. Things that haven't been here before.. maybe.

Quite a while back I places an order and received a package from Killstar.

There might have been two dresses, of which this is the other one. The other other one would be a safety copy of a dress I already have... what can I say, the print was too pretty u__u'.

And just maybe I already had a pair of these too, but might be that in some party I broke them while dancing, haha! *coughcough*

This one is a bit older picture, as it still shows The Shining, which I read somewhere around Halloween. Nevertheless! Never say no to pretty notebooks and round sunglasses!

A vinyl. Yup. I'm hanging it on my wall. When I get around finding some proper frames...

Guess what is not fun? Taking pictures of black dresses during Finland's winter. Especially during late evenings, which is the only time I seem to have for taking pictures of black items. Two max length chiffon dresses, secondhand as usual. 

A small leatherious suitcase and an old afi cd. Seconhand again.

Some TV series DVDs have been piling up. Got them through exchange of other DVDs. Yays.

A darling [Miss K] also supports my hordering habits by remembering me while on her trip to USA. Cool Skellington jacket, an Oscar (how many has got an Oscar during their lifetime, huh!), Alice book and some omnoms. Haha, she shouldn't have :,). Just those travel pictures she is spamming on her blog would have been enough!

My favorite antiquarian bookstore is also keeping my bookshelves overflowing. Currently reading Jeff Somers' Trickster, shown on the left.


As for other things... I'm in middle of a DVD movie marathon, wishing to be able to clear my shelves of random movies, only keeping the best ones. I have completely lost the count of how many movies I have watched during this mission, but I have already carried two bags full of watched DVDs to a secondhand-DVD-exchange-store-place-thing.

As for all the rest of the hours, I'm overworking, as usual. But as a positive thing, I find my trainee period at this local theater very interesting. That + cosplays for next summer + some requests from friends + own projects + school works are landing me with quite an amount of sewing! Maybe I should make a proper timetable...

6 kommenttia:

  1. u r ever so lovely darling. did you find the "boogers" of bertie botts yet ;)?

  2. I love Killstar products and that huge package of yours is making me envious! :D I miss having the time and coin to visit bookstores, you have quite a collection there! <3

    1. Hehe, thanks. It was huge indeed, I don't want to think how I prolly should have used that money better.. like food xD.

  3. Well I am jealous, I have been keeping an eye out at second hand shops for black chiffon but no such luck!

    Mmm Killstar!

    1. Keep your eyes open! They might be looming just behind the corner~