sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2015

London, Spring

A strange thing this year was that I found myself wandering the streets London two times, once in Spring and once in Autumn. This post is filled with the pictures from the first trip, which was also my first time visiting London.

We made the trip namely to celebrate the birthdays of me and my travelling companion A, since we are both born in April, with only about a week's difference in days. A had been to London a few times, but she was more than happy to go there with me, while I had my eyes on an Alexander McQueen exhibition that was taking place in V&A, a museum for art. Our trip was altogether very lovely and one of my favorite things about it was that we walked a huge lot and had a habit of making an evening stroll each evening to a different part of the city. The McQueen exhibition was a high point for me, an experience beyond words. Sadly they didn't let me take pictures inside the exhibition, but what I saw there is now burned well to my memory and my admiration towards McQueen's art is even stronger than it was.

I'm sorry for the heavy load of images that this post includes, but I'll try to keep it short otherwise! Here you go!

Day 1

We arrived on the evening of the first day, but couldn't just go to sleep, so we went to visit Big Ben, a sight that easily identifies the city, as well as other well known spots.

Day 2

The second day was a shopping day and off to Camden we went! Mostly. Eventually we found ourselves somewhere quite else... haha!

Day 3

This day was for mainly the British Museum as well as some new shopping areas. The evening walk was to London Bridge and around the riverside.

Day 4

More museums! This time it was time for V&A and the McQueen exhibition as well as the Imperial War Museum. Our evening walk took us to Whitechapel and a Jack the Ripper tour.

Day 5

On the final day, we woke up early, walked down the Bakerstreet, through Hyde park and to slumber around casually.


Even though I was travelling with low budget, I did end up with a few little things...

Dresses! Loved them all! The left-most one was actually worn in this year's Lumous Festival too. 

There had to be some tea, and that game was a complete accident! The shirt under them was a lucky hit, as it has become one of my favorites.


Whew! There would have been so much more to write about this trip, but I wanted to fit it all into one post. Sigh. If you want to know about the hotel, the shops or other things, just ask away!

lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

Pyynikinajot 2015

Welcome [Vaskra] and Hightblack.!
I hope you both enjoy my blog~

Whew, my blogblock was a long one! Now, let's get back to the business...


The autumn may be all around us, but I still have some Summer memories to share! It was a hot, hot Summer day as I swung my camera on my shoulder and jumped on a bike, in order to get close to one of my slight obsessions. That is, the motorbikes, haha! 

Pyynikinajot was a racing event in Tampere, Finland. The track of the original race ran on the public streets 1932-1939 and 1946-1971, after which it was banned due general safety concerns. Back in the day however it was big enough to host even the world championships.
[Official sites (Finnish)] for those who may be interested.

This Summer a memorial event was held on the same racing site and a good deal of old bikes were brought to the site. Followed by a nice amount of new bikes naturally, as many of the visitors arrived on their own motorcycles. Haha, me in my 50's coord accompanied by a black Yoshimite bike fit right in!

Some pics? Some pics:


As for other things!
Oh, I don't even know. I suppose my brains have been wrapping themselves around school relates business for whole Autumn. Except the point where I escaped to London, UK, for few days. Maybe I'll share some pictures from that trip the next time I get to sit down to write here!

sunnuntai 4. lokakuuta 2015

Phantom of the Opera, Helsinki, Finland

Phantom of the Opera is currently shown at Finnish National Opera and I was lucky enough to get tickets for 1.10.15 evening. Located to perfect seats and sitting right under the infamous chandelier, I was completely blown away from the very moment that the lights dimmed out and the first notes of the epic theme started. It was well worth the long wait and even more.

There is so much to say and all the descriptions that I could try to write here wouldn't be quite enough. The epic music, the gorgeous props (!!!) and all who were there making it all happen. I loved it all tremendously much. Days after the event, I still can't stop listening to the songs.

All the tickets to all the shows are currently sold out, but if any cancellations happen, go for it! And if you don't, then let me know and I'll go for another round!

The pictures here are from the programthingy shown in the first picture.

For some official pictures and the ticket info, see the [official sites].

maanantai 14. syyskuuta 2015

Horder Summer

Welcome [Changli]!


As a horder, I have once again proven very successful in my profession! During the summer my hands have been busy saving a good deal of stuff, most of which seem to have been books. No wonder I'm running to a space problem with my bookshelves again! (A space problem... beware Moon, here they come!) In any case, a rundown of summer horderingeringerings:

Unlike usually, all of these three I actually bought as new, from Akateeminen Kirjakauppa. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell is the one I'm currently reading.

These three then again were not new when I saved them! The book about Aztecs and the one about Middle Ages were bought used, while the book by Moning was a drifting book that I spotted at the library. I read through it and send it on its way again.

A book about the worst inventions in the World's history. It sure sounds promising.

The two history books about dueling I bought secondhand from my favorite antiquarian bookstore, The Resurrectionist, which was featured in one of the earlier posts, came from eBay and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare was a true jackpot spotted in one of the local flea markets. 

A pretty Gaiman book from an antiquarian bookstore.

My fingers had been aching to catch and run away with some epic candle holders, so was I in luck when I found these just waiting for me in one of the local flea markets?

Clothingwise the hunts haven't been that successful, but I have sewed a good lot! Sadly most of those have been to someone else and handed over in such a hurry that I have been left without pics, sigh... This one is a secondhand dress I bought with less than 10e.

I originally bought this secondhand necklace so that I could put it in pieces, but now I just can't... there is something very nice about it as it is..


As for other things!
I've read through Thomas Harris' Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon, watched The Last Airbender -series with my roommate and been sewing stuff. Yup. At the moment, I would like to sleep good 14h, play through some video games and eat an ice cream mountain. Carry on.