sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2014

Somewhere Between The Shifts

Oh my, I sure have been a terrible blogger this month. In the other words, I haven't been one. Haha.
Right now I'm writing this between the work shifts, since some clever person, obviously me, agreed to do the morning and the night shift of the same day. Well, at least it's Sunday!

But. I also thought, I better drop in and make some noise here before the month is done for. So here are some things that have rolled in the chaos (that is supposed to be my apartment) during this spring-summer.

First of all. Always support Tuomas Holopainen.

A very fancy chiffon shirt. I might have wished it to be a bit less transparent, but I couldn't say no to it.

More chiffon shirts? And I actually have the exact same just made of cotton already. But it was 1,5e! Anyone would have bought it!

This dress, if you can see any of it, is one of the best finds I have found as for late. Just a perfect black dress, just about casual enough to be used daily. I actually wear it int he O'Death video that I spammed here earlier.

A hat. A really nice black hat. Sorry for the lightning.

The bug necklace here followed me home from a local comic fest actually. Cute as anything.

And since the candle holder in the pic above this one was getting crowded, I knew I'd be needing another one. Since I couldn't find similar, this oddish Pentik candle holder followed me from a local flea market for 3e. I suppose it looks nicely ominous and therefore fits the bookshelf just fine.

 I also walked in a certain secondhand bookstore and... I don't need to end that sentence.

More chiffon shirts? Oh yes. I really liked this one.


Not a pie, but something! My effort for some picnic. 

Aside of work also our cosplay team has been keeping me extra busy. Animecon is just around the corner! Not to mention that Lumous is this week! This week! I'm still supposed to sew a skirt for the weekend! Busy!  

"There is no time! There is no time at all!"