lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014

Making a Dress in a Hurry

I just realized that I have only made one post in this month! Let me fix that while there is still time!


I had bought a pile of fabric that looked just like something I needed to turn into a dress for my sister, and never got to it after dragging them home. But as my sister's graduation grawled nearer, I just knew I had to make the dress and give it to her as a gift.

No surprise, this project started way too late.
Especially since I needed to do some real work (a night shift in that too) and school at the same time.

It took me three days filled with hurry and rock music. First day I spun out some patterns and had my sis to test a test piece of them. After that I started planning for the patterns for the actual dress. Which led to the other day with the base dress and some skirt part and stuff. Which led to last super hectic day where I sewed the upper parts and cycled around the city to find a suitable zipper (didn't get an invisible one that I had wanted, but at least this one had a perfect color match), and tried to fix the wrongs.

In the end it might not be perfect, but at least it will (hopefully) look epic in pics! And there will be some proper photoshoot in some point, fufufu. Or, I hope there will be. Yeah.

Have a lookie through the way:

 Making patterns.

Playing with different ideas.

Planning the base.

That is one ugly Tinkerbell dress.

Something nice and clean.

Something chaotic.

Maybe here? Maybe there? Or maybe..?

But in the end:
(I was actually in such a hurry that I just threw the finished piece on the dressing form and my roommate was kind enough to take these pics while I was running around trying to pack my stuff to go to my sis' place. )


Now more than ever I want to become purely awesome in this. I'll be working hard to achieve that.


So I got the dress to my sister in time, and spend the next two days that followed stomach full of sugar and cake.

 I loaned this dress and necklace from her for the party. Haha, colors, what the..?

Our mother must be a magician.


Until the next time! Now I just want to watch an episode or two of Supernatural and then I'll sleep a well deserved and long desired sleep.

perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014

O' Death for Piano

I have been away for a month! Feels like forever!

Welcomes to [Ms Ladyfair]! I hope you enjoy your stay~


While being busy at work and school and all, I have done.. several things, but about those in another post. In this one, have some little something I worked on for some days.

As mentioned somewhere in this blog, I have been watching Supernatural in a marathonious sense, and in some point, there was this song by Jen Titus, called O' Death. I loved the scene it came with and I loved the song. It just kept haunting me every day, so I decided to try and arrange it for piano. I have never arranged anything for piano before, not by ear, not me. Nope. But I suppose I did an alright job for a beginner? Have a lousy video and the sheets, which, I'm afraid, are written by hand, since I didn't have a suitable program on my computer.

Now one must run, there is a dress to make and no time at all.