tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2014

They Followed Me Home, I Tell You

Welcomes to [Sister September]! And all her beautiful snakes~


Been wandering to a few shops and whatnots, and seems like I have many friends in those places. Friends who like to follow me home.

Secondhand findings again. Hhumdehumdehhum. The colorful thing is actually a shirt, let''s see if I can wear something with that much color that is not black. Oh. It must be the most colorful piece of clothing with the least black at the same time that I have.

The dress here is secondhand (and of a weird fabric, like some swimming wear!), yet it cost me a bit more than usual. But.. it smiled so prettily. Wait. More color. My my. Must be careful, might be spring.
More books, now, please, which shop sells me time for reading?

The candlehondler and some glass items I carried home for decoration purposed were -50%. 
Fits my usual sense of decorating home which is carrying so much little stuff, like books and boxes in it, that it's a complete stuffed chaos. Very enjoyable chaos though.

These sweeties rolled to my garden from the clothing swap eve in which gorgeous [Tinde] invited me. A good deal of people attended, I ate a good deal of cake, lost a good deal of money and showered some of my things on others. Also continued the evening to Klubi and 80's inspired eve with darky music with Jen, [TomVi] and [Ravenoaris]. I think I had a pic from there, but seems like it wasn't in my camera, hmm.

Of this I did have! Accompanied A & P to Within Temptation's concert at Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas. That singer sure has a superbly beautiful voice!

A cheese cake! I made it, and while it wasn't perfect, it didn't poison my sis nor Talu who I used as quinea bigs.

As for other things. 
Last time I mentioned something about studying history on "free time" being a time consuming job. Apparently it all became a health consuming as well, since I spend last week with fever followed by a good deal of stress over work, actual school and history studies. But it passed, and there is still three months to go before summer break...  ..must try not to over do it.

I want to play and draw. Yup. 'till next time.

sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

Key Nielsen

Heartly welcomes to [Hukutettu nukke]! Loving your new boots in the latest post, btw.


I know, I'm talking of yet another artist, but some pictures are meant to be shared...!

Key Nielsen

Mr Key Nielsen was danish illustration born in 1886 and he worked during time referred as the Golden Age of Illustration. Born into a family of artists, his talents were soon noted. He specialized into fairy tale illustrations which suited his dreamy, detailed and all the way fairytalelike style. He did illustrations for Grimm's fairytales as well as for the tales of well known danish storyteller H.C. Andersen.

Later he also came to work for Disney, creating designs for for example Fantasy's bald mountain as well as Little Mermaid (which's finished product he sadly never got to see). While not getting much recognition during his life time, he has later been stated as one of the greatest fairy tale artists of 20th century.

For more detailed information, you may poke


There! That was a hard task, do go see more of his artwork, there is lots and they are amazing!


As for other things. 
There has been a good lot of things, places that one has visited, people one has met and things one has taken part of. But all I feel like I have been doing is history essays. And I have, almost every evening. And good deal of nights too. Perhaps taking courses on history at University while being at school while being at work and stuff wasn't the best of my ideas. The history has taken so much time, that I haven't been able to even play for a long time, and video games are as dear as books to me, and books are my life. Haha. Damn.

While being terrible essay writer, I have also been waving camera around a bit as you may notice here. Some quality time with my bjd army as well as magical [Miss K]. Cameras are niice.