maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2014

Takato Yamamoto: Divertimento for a Martyr

Oh, somewhere in the faraway past, I scribbled a word or two about this Japanese artist, and how I was going to survive without an art book by him. Apparently I didn't. Have some picture spam from an art book entitled as 

Divertimento for a Martyr.

As a side note here, the book was printed on a really nice paper and what I appreciated extremely much was the fact that the English names were also printed for each artwork.

This one, Saint Sebastian, was my favorite. So much detail, so much story...!


As for other things.
I have a feeling that it is not physically possible to be more busy than I am at the moment. Therefore my update speed is a bit down, but I try to update my [twitter] with randomities whenever I can steal a second and have a random something to post. Also the hour or two I have time to sit down (which happens... maybe every third day), I have been spending playing Guild Wars 2 again, whups.