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Get Ready for Halloween: The Shining

Alright! The first week is behind and I've finished the first book! And it was 

The Shining (1977) by Stephen King 

A family of three: mother, father and their son, take up a job as the winter caretakers of a hotel with quite a history. While it's a luxurious hotel on the surface, it has seen murders, suicides, mafias and all sorts of not so pleasant things. As the family sets for a lonely winter, thinking the time together would mend their family's damaged bonds, only the five-year-old boy, Danny, seems to suspect that a darkness looms on the corridors.. and the rooms.. and the cellars.. and...

When I started to look for books for my Halloween 2014 mission by researching through various listings of "the best horror books", there was one name that was not only on every listing, but also many times in each of them. And that was Stephen King. 
Next thing was to pick a book among all the books. I had two strong ones here: The Shining and It. The first one won by a chance, since I walked in a bookstore and The Shining was, well, shining on the top of the bookshelf.

The Shining. I don't know what to think of it. I like the way King's words move and the way the point of view jumped from one person to another and how their thoughts were written. The story was obviously dark, and to me.. it had too little magical sparkle in it for me to actually love it, haha. (So dark...) As for being scary: during the day it was simply interesting, but when I picked the book up after midnight and read about the woman in the bathtub, well, I did give the shadows some suspicious glances when it came time to turn the lights off. For someone like me (a good deal of imagination but only a little bit of sense to guide it), it's not very smart to read any sorts of horror books.. but I only remember and believe that when it's too late! 

(Oh, and I spotted few words that seemed to point at the direction of Dark Tower... And those books I do love.)


Here some bjd pictures to lighten up the mood! (Deileya this time) As well as to hint that I still haven't found the cable to connect my pink camera to computer and load any new pictures from it. But at least the situation forced me to pick up this big Canon thingy I adopted from my brother and test it on The Shining. It's.. tricky, but I'll try to figure it out and to provide pictures of better quality somewhere in the future.

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  1. If you want to read something by Stephen King with a magical/surreal twist I would recommend The Talisman, it is written together with Peter Straub

    1. The Talisman? I'll look that one up when I visit a library next time! Thank you :D.