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Get Ready For Halloween: Hell House

First of all!

The return of the pink camera! Oh, shabby mirror shots, how did I miss you! In other words, I realized that the same cable that works for the big camera fits just as fine with the little one...


Hell House (1971) by Richard Matheson

An old, rich and dying man wishes to find out if there is life after death and hires few different specialists to find it out for him. The group is send to Hell House, a building of a great appearance but nightmarish past: about every possible crime and cruelty is said to have happened under its roof. And afterwards every possible paranormal activity is said to take place in the house. Despite many efforts (that have led to the deaths of the previous specialists set to find out the truth) the house still holds its secrets when the limousine drops the specialists at Hell House's doorsteps...

When I was going through the horror book listings, one that I was searching for was a story with very typical settings, that is, a haunted house story. In the end of my search I had two books in mind as I walked to the library -and managed to find neither. I stopped a librarian and showed him the names, just in case.. and what a luck! He dug this out of the library's storage.

I wanted a haunted house? I got a haunted house. Very much so. Maybe because I read it mostly at late evenings and nights, it got a bit creepy at times -which was the goal of this whole horror book mission: to search and find chills from the book pages. The setting was good and the characters nicely different and well created, but I'm starting to feel that this genre just might not be the one for me...


As for other things..
I have done a good deal of stress painting (mostly fanarts) -and it works. Even though it's eating away some of my sleeping hours: when one gets started, it's hard to put down the brush. Since I spend this evening with finishing Hell House, I didn't have time to paint.. and the rest of the week seems to have its evenings full of work shifts. .. Must squeeze some time from somewhere!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Your art skills are amazing! I love your use of colour! I espeically love the blue haired person whose hair and coat are thrown about by the wind!

    Do you ever want to just kick someone and say, 'why are you going there! It is haunted!'

    I have told my partner if we ever accidentally buy an evil haunted house we are getting it cleansed by psychics and priests and if that doesn't work we are out of there!

    Apparently it is possible to get your money back if they didn't tell you if it was haunted... according to some trashy courtroom type show. Ha ha.

    1. Haha, actually I find colors really hard to add to pictures! But I'm trying to learn! That blue haired one I made for school one morning.. I think it was something like 7 a.m. at that point... haha, I was in such a hurry! But it was a nice work to do anyway :).

      All the time! I have been watching Supernatural series with my sister, and I can't even count how many times I would have loved to do just that!

      I might not to be able to move in any place known as haunted :,). Even in case of a peaceful death, it might get to my nerves a bit >__>.