torstai 16. lokakuuta 2014

Get Ready For Halloween: Coraline

The book for the second week of the month.. Well, I wanted something less dark and found it!

Coraline (2002) by Neil Gaiman

Coraline's family has just moved to a new house. She finds everything in her life rather dull and yearns for an adventure, but none is to be seen. There is an empty apartment right next to Coraline's, and the two were once connected through a door later filled with tiles, but the old door is still there. Then, this one time that the door is opened, there is not a wall but a dark corridor...

While searching the books for this month at a library (I always forget how wonderful places they are), I had a list of books I wanted to find according to which books were most often mentioned in the horror book listings. Sadly, I didn't quite find the ones I wanted. 

As I was passing down the horror book shelves trying to find some familiar name or a writer (that wasn't Stephen King, since I already had The Shining from him), I spotted this book. I have read a good deal of books from Gaiman, and everyone knows The Sandman, right? I also knew there was an animation film made out of Coraline and I remembered flipping through a comic adaption in some point. So I slid the book from the shelf and carried it away.

If only I had been reading this sort of horror back when as kids in over-night school trips all the kids were reading horror stories in which the dolls grew killer fangs and the kids chewed accidently eyeballs instead of candies, one would have experienced more adventures and less traumas!

As the book was written for the younger audience, it didn't give chills to the old me but offered a nice little story nevertheless. If I had been seven-years-old again, then maybe I would have looked at the dark doorways with a bit more doubting eyes, haha! (Or maybe I now already knew not to stare at them for too long..)


As for other things...

I had been picking up old little frames from the flea markets and secondhand stores for a while, and now there was finally a good enough amount of them to start considering what to do with them. So I clipped through old things and new things and fitted pictures to frames...

And there they are! Nice... now.. how do I get them on the wall? After a week, I'm still trying to figure that one out (and get the energy to do that too). Sigh, to constantly try not to step on anything! I should really try to do something about them...

2 kommenttia:

  1. I love Coraline! Creepy kids books are the best! My mum once pretended to be the Other Mother, that was scary!

    wow, you found some really great frames! I was going to do that but I didn't find many good frames, then I had to move anyway! Maybe I will do it someday in the future!

    1. Oh no! That could traumatize someone!! :,)

      Frame hunting.. a great hobby! They are surprisingly hard to come by. Must keep searching!