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Get Ready for Halloween: At the Mountains of Madness

The Halloween is just behind a corner and it seems I managed my mission for this round! Four horror stories later...

At the Mountains of Madness ( 1936) by H.P. Lovecraft

A rather well equipped scientist head off to mysterious Antarctic for study of fossils, rock and soil. As the expedition goes on there comes up a spectacular find that might turn the whole World's history upside down! Yet the finds might not be as nice and safe as rocks and soil...

So, I had a book from the top of the horror book listings, I had one horror story mainly made for the children and one that had a very stereotypical setting. What I lacked from my selection for this Halloween was a story of classic horror. I had immediately two names in my mind for this one: Poe and Lovecraft. Since I had this big book that I pick up now and then for a story or two, but hadn't swallowed whole as for yet, the choice was ready without much thinking: Lovecraft it is!

I must say I enjoy this sort of writing. Even if the text wasn't fast to read there is something fascinating in the way it is written. The story itself is naturally interesting as it tells a lot of the World of Lovecraft's stories. While not sending chills down my spine, I enjoyed this one a good deal.


As for other things! Some time back I went to forest and gathered what you see above. I went for mushrooms but didn't find any. But these red things I did and it felt kind of nice to gather some food supplies all by yourself. Now.. if only I liked lingonberries! Haha!

Went today to see Dracula Untold with my sis and J-pon. A good movie, nice visuals and Luke Evans.. such a nice looking man! We had a short argument whether to call him beautiful or handsome, and ended up deciding that he is both.

Finished the sixth season of Supernatural with [Giko]. Must love the guys~ 
What I should have finished though is my history homework due tomorrow. Haha. Must come up with something tomorrow, if only there was some time between the actual school and the Uni...

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  1. I haven't read At The Mountains of Madness, but I have read some other tales by Lovecraft. For a long time there has been talk of a Guillermo del Toro movie, but I have started to give up hope.

    Luke Evans really is a fine figure of a man! Still haven't seen that movie, though :(

    Those berries look fantastic, but they also look a bit poisonous! Nature is so confusing, red can be poison or just yummy!

    1. Aww, let's not give up hope! That movie would be interesting :D.

      Let's hope I didn't pick up the wrong berries then! Haha, still haven't tried making anything out of those, just hid them in the freezer :,).