keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2014

Get Ready for Halloween: At the Mountains of Madness

The Halloween is just behind a corner and it seems I managed my mission for this round! Four horror stories later...

At the Mountains of Madness ( 1936) by H.P. Lovecraft

A rather well equipped scientist head off to mysterious Antarctic for study of fossils, rock and soil. As the expedition goes on there comes up a spectacular find that might turn the whole World's history upside down! Yet the finds might not be as nice and safe as rocks and soil...

So, I had a book from the top of the horror book listings, I had one horror story mainly made for the children and one that had a very stereotypical setting. What I lacked from my selection for this Halloween was a story of classic horror. I had immediately two names in my mind for this one: Poe and Lovecraft. Since I had this big book that I pick up now and then for a story or two, but hadn't swallowed whole as for yet, the choice was ready without much thinking: Lovecraft it is!

I must say I enjoy this sort of writing. Even if the text wasn't fast to read there is something fascinating in the way it is written. The story itself is naturally interesting as it tells a lot of the World of Lovecraft's stories. While not sending chills down my spine, I enjoyed this one a good deal.


As for other things! Some time back I went to forest and gathered what you see above. I went for mushrooms but didn't find any. But these red things I did and it felt kind of nice to gather some food supplies all by yourself. Now.. if only I liked lingonberries! Haha!

Went today to see Dracula Untold with my sis and J-pon. A good movie, nice visuals and Luke Evans.. such a nice looking man! We had a short argument whether to call him beautiful or handsome, and ended up deciding that he is both.

Finished the sixth season of Supernatural with [Giko]. Must love the guys~ 
What I should have finished though is my history homework due tomorrow. Haha. Must come up with something tomorrow, if only there was some time between the actual school and the Uni...

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Few days ago I finished such an amazing art game that I have to share some fangirling with you. Every new area was such a visual party that it just kept blowing my mind away. 

The game is called El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and I played it with Playstation 3. The story was about returning the fallen angels to heavens, so that the Elders wouldn't lay a great flood over the Earth to wipe it clean.

I did spam a good deal of the pictures to my twitter account while playing, so I tried to find some new ones, but they just can't bring over the feeling and epicness. Play the game.

(And while it has nothing to do with the looks of the game, there is one more thing I have to mention. While I played two first rounds of the game with original Japanese voicing, the third round I went for English. You know why? Jason Isaacs was voicing Lucifel. Jason Isaacs. That's why.)


So much to sew, so little time! The university's history courses continue tomorrow! How on Earth can I make time for everything?!

keskiviikko 22. lokakuuta 2014

Get Ready For Halloween: Hell House

First of all!

The return of the pink camera! Oh, shabby mirror shots, how did I miss you! In other words, I realized that the same cable that works for the big camera fits just as fine with the little one...


Hell House (1971) by Richard Matheson

An old, rich and dying man wishes to find out if there is life after death and hires few different specialists to find it out for him. The group is send to Hell House, a building of a great appearance but nightmarish past: about every possible crime and cruelty is said to have happened under its roof. And afterwards every possible paranormal activity is said to take place in the house. Despite many efforts (that have led to the deaths of the previous specialists set to find out the truth) the house still holds its secrets when the limousine drops the specialists at Hell House's doorsteps...

When I was going through the horror book listings, one that I was searching for was a story with very typical settings, that is, a haunted house story. In the end of my search I had two books in mind as I walked to the library -and managed to find neither. I stopped a librarian and showed him the names, just in case.. and what a luck! He dug this out of the library's storage.

I wanted a haunted house? I got a haunted house. Very much so. Maybe because I read it mostly at late evenings and nights, it got a bit creepy at times -which was the goal of this whole horror book mission: to search and find chills from the book pages. The setting was good and the characters nicely different and well created, but I'm starting to feel that this genre just might not be the one for me...


As for other things..
I have done a good deal of stress painting (mostly fanarts) -and it works. Even though it's eating away some of my sleeping hours: when one gets started, it's hard to put down the brush. Since I spend this evening with finishing Hell House, I didn't have time to paint.. and the rest of the week seems to have its evenings full of work shifts. .. Must squeeze some time from somewhere!

torstai 16. lokakuuta 2014

Get Ready For Halloween: Coraline

The book for the second week of the month.. Well, I wanted something less dark and found it!

Coraline (2002) by Neil Gaiman

Coraline's family has just moved to a new house. She finds everything in her life rather dull and yearns for an adventure, but none is to be seen. There is an empty apartment right next to Coraline's, and the two were once connected through a door later filled with tiles, but the old door is still there. Then, this one time that the door is opened, there is not a wall but a dark corridor...

While searching the books for this month at a library (I always forget how wonderful places they are), I had a list of books I wanted to find according to which books were most often mentioned in the horror book listings. Sadly, I didn't quite find the ones I wanted. 

As I was passing down the horror book shelves trying to find some familiar name or a writer (that wasn't Stephen King, since I already had The Shining from him), I spotted this book. I have read a good deal of books from Gaiman, and everyone knows The Sandman, right? I also knew there was an animation film made out of Coraline and I remembered flipping through a comic adaption in some point. So I slid the book from the shelf and carried it away.

If only I had been reading this sort of horror back when as kids in over-night school trips all the kids were reading horror stories in which the dolls grew killer fangs and the kids chewed accidently eyeballs instead of candies, one would have experienced more adventures and less traumas!

As the book was written for the younger audience, it didn't give chills to the old me but offered a nice little story nevertheless. If I had been seven-years-old again, then maybe I would have looked at the dark doorways with a bit more doubting eyes, haha! (Or maybe I now already knew not to stare at them for too long..)


As for other things...

I had been picking up old little frames from the flea markets and secondhand stores for a while, and now there was finally a good enough amount of them to start considering what to do with them. So I clipped through old things and new things and fitted pictures to frames...

And there they are! Nice... now.. how do I get them on the wall? After a week, I'm still trying to figure that one out (and get the energy to do that too). Sigh, to constantly try not to step on anything! I should really try to do something about them...

keskiviikko 8. lokakuuta 2014

Get Ready for Halloween: The Shining

Alright! The first week is behind and I've finished the first book! And it was 

The Shining (1977) by Stephen King 

A family of three: mother, father and their son, take up a job as the winter caretakers of a hotel with quite a history. While it's a luxurious hotel on the surface, it has seen murders, suicides, mafias and all sorts of not so pleasant things. As the family sets for a lonely winter, thinking the time together would mend their family's damaged bonds, only the five-year-old boy, Danny, seems to suspect that a darkness looms on the corridors.. and the rooms.. and the cellars.. and...

When I started to look for books for my Halloween 2014 mission by researching through various listings of "the best horror books", there was one name that was not only on every listing, but also many times in each of them. And that was Stephen King. 
Next thing was to pick a book among all the books. I had two strong ones here: The Shining and It. The first one won by a chance, since I walked in a bookstore and The Shining was, well, shining on the top of the bookshelf.

The Shining. I don't know what to think of it. I like the way King's words move and the way the point of view jumped from one person to another and how their thoughts were written. The story was obviously dark, and to me.. it had too little magical sparkle in it for me to actually love it, haha. (So dark...) As for being scary: during the day it was simply interesting, but when I picked the book up after midnight and read about the woman in the bathtub, well, I did give the shadows some suspicious glances when it came time to turn the lights off. For someone like me (a good deal of imagination but only a little bit of sense to guide it), it's not very smart to read any sorts of horror books.. but I only remember and believe that when it's too late! 

(Oh, and I spotted few words that seemed to point at the direction of Dark Tower... And those books I do love.)


Here some bjd pictures to lighten up the mood! (Deileya this time) As well as to hint that I still haven't found the cable to connect my pink camera to computer and load any new pictures from it. But at least the situation forced me to pick up this big Canon thingy I adopted from my brother and test it on The Shining. It's.. tricky, but I'll try to figure it out and to provide pictures of better quality somewhere in the future.

sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2014

Get Ready for Halloween 2014: Start

It's that month again! Halloween month!
Here are the posts from the earlier years, to get your Halloween started:

[Spidery Things]
[Classic Horror (films)]
[Zombie Pieces]
[Asian Horror (films)]

So last year I took a mission of watching an old black and white horror movie every night of the month. After so much (or not) chills through the moving pictures, I decided to search for the spooks from another classic source. That is, the horror books. Since I can't lock myself in my room for the whole month, I can't  read one book for each day of the month, so I'm aiming to read one book for every week. Let's see, if I get any sleep from all those (hopefully) haunting pages!


So my laptop crashed taking all my pictures with it. Alright, I'm starting to scope with that, but oh, a new problem emerged! My big com doesn't have a place to insert the camera's memory card and I have no idea where my camera's cable is. Argh! Must find it soon! Must find something soon!

These pictures of Enya, one of my bjds, were originally taken almost a year ago. Luckily uploaded to Photobucket back then. But what could have suited this post better than a vampire girl eyeing Necronomicon?