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The Paris Report Part 2: Disneyland and The Last Days

Eh, my plan was not to have such a long time gap between the two parts, but my laptop which I mainly used exploded more or less, taking all my pictures with it. Sigh. That's all the pictures from this summer, not just the Paris, but also Animecon and several exhibitions I was going to spam for you and then a random pile of happy summer outift photos. Oh. And all my tabs and bookmarks are gone. Sigh.

To the topic anyway:

DAYS 3 and 4

On the morn- no, the night between the second and third day of our trip we jumped in a train and headed off to Disneyland. First stop was at our hotel Cheyenne, to drop off what little luggage we had taken for the two Disney days, and then off to line up at the gates. Must say there was a good deal of excitement in the air as we peaked through the bars of the gates to the strange park beyond.. Upon entering the first things we saw were the huge pink hotel, and after that this fairytale castle. I must say I felt like I was dream walking through it, or maybe it was due the early morning we had behind us. But I more or less woke up to the live dream as I saw this strange water element jumping as if it had a life of its own over the hedges of Alice's Curious Labyrinth. From that point on I was but an uncontrollable smile running around the park with Miss K as the kids we will always be.

"Returning to Disneyland is like returning home. It's a place where time stands still and you turn into a kid. It's a place where no one judges you and where you can forget the real life for a moment. because in the end you know that all you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust and you can fly."

-Miss K

Yeah, give me a car, I'll give you a disaster.

Disneyland and Disney in general are very inspirational things for me. My decision to bring a sketchbook with me was more than a success! First of all it kept me and the surrounding children amused during the long waiting times to the popular attractions, as I had good time creating Disney pictures and the kids were wondering which characters I was drawing.
 You could almost hear the inspiration swirling in the air! I could have spend the whole day just sitting somewhere in the park and sketching away..! Haha, but I should have brought a couple pens more with me! I'll post the pictures later on the sketchblog. After I have found a scanner.

Miss K is a real Disney enthusiastic and knew exactly where to go next and where to be at what time to find the characters, the best attractions and to see parades and shows. I bet I would have missed a half of everything if she hadn't been there to lead us.

Didn't get to go there! Maybe a good thing, they would have surely given me a warning had I managed to get close enough to start climbing around that ship!

The night show... it was one of the most magical things I saw that day. Sigh, so beautiful.

This teapot I could not resist! I might have also fallen victim to some other tea themed items during our trip, haha! 

DAY 5 and 6

Having spend our energy as efficiently as possible on the days 2-4, we were done for the morning of the fifth day. It must have affected us also on the last day together with the knowledge that soon we would need to board a plane again in order to fly back to Finland. Such a shame though for Paris had still so many things we had planned to see, yet we did not!

My favorite part of these two days was our journey up to Sacre Coeur on the beautiful morning of the sixth day. We walked all the way from our hotel. up the hill with these small streets while passing by the small shops selling all from freshly baked goods to fishes and flowers and whatnots. Such an idyllic sight! Up the long, long stairs and through beautiful areas with streetlamps and fountains that reminded me of art noveau style, which I dearly adore.
And of course as a reward at the top of the hill, the huge white church and a view over Paris...

Paris has so much to offer for a traveler, that I already dream of a day I'll be back to this city. To explore the places that I had no opportunity to see this time -and also to be able to walk through the halls of Versailles again and to dream away a day or two in middle of Disney dreams.


These books actually tagged along from an airport in Germany, as we needed to change flights over there. Haha.

As for other things.. Argh all those pictures I lost!
No, as for other things. I finished reading the two Gail Carriger's books from The Finishing School -series I started during the Paris trip, While they did not win me over as stories, I still feel like I would love to illustrate them! The steampunk themed world with all the gadgets, the young ladies in their fancy dresses and the cute things from balls to jumping down from flying vechiles... That would be so much fun! If I only had a bit more time.. 

Also as those following my twitter spam might know, I have been playing Alice Madness Returns on Playstation 3 and have just finished the game few hours ago! Whoa now! That game is visually breathtaking and the story.. Let us just say that the game is pure gold (maybe dipped in blood though). I loved it. 

Miss K made us a bit more professional Paris trailer which you can see [here].
To see more of our travel photos, see her sites [here].

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  1. oh laaaaawwd, Disneyland!! Olis kyllä niin dream come true. Ihan meni kylmät väreet kun luki <3

    Miten muuten meni kielitaidon kanssa tuolla, siis Pariisissa ylipäätään, pärjääkö siellä hyvin englannilla vai pitäisikö osata ranskaa? Olen aiemmin kuullut että varsinkin pariisilaiset olisivat niin ylpeitä kielestään, etteivät mielellään puhu englantia... ja että sitten taas Pariisin ulkopuolella englantia puhuttaisiin, jos osattaisiin :D

    1. Ainiin, ja piti vielä tuosta Alice-pelistä sanoa, että on kyllä hurjan hieno peli! Pelasin sen silloin pian ilmestyttyä parikin kertaa läpi, ja vieläkin välillä palailen pelaamaan sitä yrittäen kerätä kaikki muistin sirpaleet ja pullot ym, ihan vain siksi kun se maailma on niin upeannäköinen ja tarina ihanan kieroutunut :} mistähän löytäisi samankaltaisen pelin...

    2. Jos matkakaveri saa kommentoija :D Ranskassa pärjää hyvin englannillakin, joskin paikoittain sen puhuminen on vähän nihkeää, eritoten CDG:n lentokentällä (mikä ihmetyttää koska se on kuitenkin kansainvälinen kenttä). Aina toki auttaa jos osaa perustervehdykset tmv (bonjour, merci, sil-vous plait, pardon/excuse-moi, au revoir) ja käyttää niitä aina tilanteissa. Toinen kätevä on parlez-vous l'anglais (parle vu langlee), eli puhutteko englantia :D (tai je ne parlez francais). Tietty allekirjottanut on aikanaan opiskellut vähän ranskaa että ymmärrän jonkun verran, mut tuotan vähemmän :D Kaikkein hauskin tapaus oli Versaillesissa kun pysähdyttiin kuvaamaan yhtä hotellia ja vanha mies asteli ohi, ruveten poseeraamaan meille leikkisästi. Tuli sitten tervehtimään ja kyseli mitä kiltä puhutaan ja tältä herralta sujui enkku kyllä komeasti vaikka vanhempaa sukupolvea olikin :)

    3. Aye, Pariisissa osattiin ihan siedettävän hyvin englantia, vaikka osalla se tuli vähän pitkinhampain.. Ja taisin pari ruokaostosta suorittaa ihan viittomakielellä :D.
      Ja Disneyland! Ehdottomasti kannattaa mennä! Ja siellä kyllä kaikki osasivat erittäin hyvin englantia! ...ehkä kaikki englannin taitoiset onkin palkattu sinne...

      Alice oli aivan mahtava peli! Suosittelisin jotakin jos tulisi heti jokin vastaava mieleen, mutta oli kyllä sen verran ainutlaatuista tavaraa, että... :D.

  2. Ahhhh! Electronics problems! I lost a year of photos in the past due to a computer crashing, now I always try to back them up!

    I notice the Mad HAtter chairs seems a good height for adults, guess they know how many adults go there!

    I love the haunted looking gates!

    I don't know if you noticed but in the picture of you in front of the cathedral, the round window looks like an old style illustrated halo behind your head!

    Glad you had an amazing trip and hope it doesn't take too long to readjust to normal life!

    1. Yeah, I usually store everything to safety few times a year.. sadly the last time was somewhere during spring..!

      Haha, yeah, I noticed the halo effect later when I saw the picture.. no wonder my friend was telling me to "two steps to left", "little bit to the right" and things like that :,D.

      Normal life? What is that! Haha! :D