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The Paris Report Part 1: The Arrival And Versailles


Good morning, World. 
I had been to school, I had been to work, I had slept maybe two hours after which I rolled down from my bed and packed my things, jumped in a car and headed to the airport with Miss K. I was downright tired, I must admit, and sleeping in the car proved impossible. As I love watching clouds while flying, I didn't sleep then either, as we first flew to Arlanda, Sweden, in order to switch planes and then off flying again to Paris, France.

I traveled light, with two books by Gail Carriger, handful of hair roses and three black dresses, one shoulder bag and one pair of shoes, and the essentials, I had it easy as we arrived to rainy and cold Paris, found our way from the airport to Montmarte, Paris and swung our luggage in the hotel room. The hotel proved to be nice, small and cutely furnished. One sad side might be the fact that it was quite cold during the nights, for I found myself always curling under three blankets. Another downfall was that my phone didn't allow me to play Ingress aboard, oh what a shame!

This first day we decided to take it easy, just strolling down Champs- Elysees, making attacks on Disney store and Laduree, while swinging our cameras around like proper tourists. We decided it would be a proper way to end the first day of the trip with a stop under Eiffel, which we did.

"Returning to Paris feels like returning to see and old friend after a long time. It's there. Many things have changed and many things have stayed exactly the way they are. You can't get enough of Paris."

-Miss K


Oh, one of the absolute highlights of our trip, Versailles. How long had I dreamed to go there? It was just as -and even more- wondrous as I had imagined.

Has waiting ever been better? I have no idea of how long we waited, for I spend it with staring at the gates. If a gate can hold one's thought so, how could we ever survive out the complex within one lifetime?

"As Lorde said "And we'll never be royals", but if I would be a royal, I'd live in Versailles, take a stroll to the Grand and Petit Trianons and spend the evening in Marie Antoinette's Village. Now that's life."

-Miss K 

A room after room was filled with pieces of art. I'm afraid Miss K had it hard at times, as I insisted on reading every text related to every work there was...

This long hall with countless chandeliers and walls of tall mirrors and windows was propably my favorite room. The moment we stepped inside, it stole my breath away. If you watched the video in previous post, you might get a better idea of it.

After walking though the palace, we exited to the surrounding gardens, surrounded by fountains and flowers.

Petit Trianon

We stopped for a slight rest, drinks and macarons close to this pavillion, in the gardens of Marie-Antoinette. This was the only time I bough Laduree macarons during our stay in Paris. Pricy, but doing this here and now was a must.

After the refreshments we wandered deeper into the gardens, passing by pavillions, streams and ponds. Where we ended up was this strange little village of Marie-Antoinette. It's beautiful buildings were quite a contrast to the overwhelmingly decorated palaces.

Grand Trianon

This is what I carried back to the hotel at the end of the day. Several postcards to send home, every possible map and likes I got my hands on, a book to tell me more about the rooms and the gardens and to remember them by, a Laduree box where I hid my new thimble, bought from Versailles (a very fancy thimble, and very likely a practical souvenir) and some leaves stolen from the gardens. I did relocate one acorn in my bag too, so that I could plant it at my family's summer cottage, but I might have lost it on the way, sigh!


My humble attempt in making the whole trip into one post was doomed from the start! I really tried, but as I wrote these texts here, I decided that putting it all into one entry was insane. The fact that I had tried to already spam some of the photos in the video didn't help to cut the numbers left to be shared in the written posts. Therefore, I divided the thing in two. 

Also! After my humble attempt in video making, Miss K made her own that clearly says that some of us has made videos before! If you are interested, click this [link].

Now to sleep! I haven't had time to sleep properly for weeks, and this night too is already running short! Where is the time? Where has it gone? Was there any to start with? Oh my poor brains, why the torture...

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  1. Oh Paris! What a destination!! Versailles do look amazing - and some more spots i would love to visit one day too! So glad about your trip, i cannot wait to see some more pictures. (Gosh i saw the video so i am totally excited about your following posts :D) Haha indeed, you cannot make only one post so dont worry. The more pictures the better! It's like we travel with you from our screens! :) Also, i love the things you bought ^-^

    1. Indeed! it is a city everyone should visit at least once! The second part of this is a bit late since my computer crashed and took all my files and documents with it : (. But I'll get it here... soon! Most glad to hear you like the photos, dearie >w<~.

  2. Vau. :O Ranskassa on kyllä pakko päästä joskus käymään, kiinnostaisi kovasti monet nähtävyydet ja kielikin on niin kaunis. ♥ Ihana lukea reissusta!

    1. Ehdottomasti kannattaa käydä, kun mahdollisuus osuu kohdalle! Äärimmäisen kaunis kaupunki ja niin paljon nähtävää...!

  3. So may lovely pictures! I want a checkerboard floor one day! I now also am craving macarons! Wonder why, ha ha!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, that floor... I felt connected to it the moment I saw it xD. And yeah! I have no idea.. yet I feel like getting some too, oh no.

  4. What a lovely trip!! I definitely must see Paris some day.

    1. It definitely was! And you absolutely must! It is a city of many wonders and a life should be spend by experiencing such beautiful things as much as possible~