maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014

Back From An Adventure

I'm back in Finland!
And all those photos I can't wait to share in here...! But what a task it is to edit them all! Luckily half of them (Miss K's half that is) is already beautifully edited, so I'll be able to spam some beauty here very soon, maybe.

This time I spend almost as much time taking videos as taking photos. Therefore have some of the photos and a good deal of the videos served to you through this:

Ah. And no, I have never made a video before. Or maybe just this once years ago, some AMV, but that was never even published. Hahum. I really started to lose it with this when I needed to change the musics over and over in order not to get muted by YouTube. So sadly it isn't quite like I wanted, but since it stole my last night's sleep, I will post it nevertheless.

Miss K said she would do a proper film out of all our videos, so if you too would like to see us chatting randomly in Paris, let me know~


As for other things.

Must be autumn: I'm sick again. Not enough to keep me away from work and school, even though that would do good to my poor brains.

Also, spend half of yesterday in forests trying to find mushrooms, but didn't, found berries instead. While I love trees and forests, the bugs make me paranoid. Especially the deer fly, oh ghghg.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Oooh I am excited for the upcoming photos! I know choosing takes forever!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    I love the idea of wandering in forests! :)

    1. It does! Not to mention the editing! Another forever, argh :D.
      I'm getting better every day, thank you~
      Oh, the idea is lovely indeed, yet the bugs that want to nest in one's hair are all but lovable! Haha :D.

  2. Just gonna leave this here for those who understand Finnish (or why not to anyone else too xDD). b/c that's my first with imovie and i'm working on the whole movie as we speak ;)

    1. Splendid! I*ll include this in my travel report :).