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Animecon '14 & Team Persona

Whew! Took me a while to get these pictures and then to narrow the about 500 pieces of them down to just a few.. and there is still so many! Try to endure! Also my editing skills may have been a bit rusty, haha! Due that no cool health bars and personas, not yet, but maybe...

Alright! So the Animecon!The thing was held 13.-14.7.2014, which means, it was the weekend after Lumous Gothic Festival. So as the event was approaching, I had already screwed up my sleeping times with the festival which was immediately followed by three night shifts after which the the cosplay madness took some real wind under its wings.

We had been preparing for our group cosplay of the fighting game Persona 4 Arena since last autumn, but I had no idea some parts of some clothes would take so much time to complete, and in the end we had most of the stuff still unsewed two days before the con. The Team, ie me, [Giko], [Lonlon] and J-pon, gathered up at my place on Thursday and sewed though it... in the case of me and Giko, also through the following night. 
That wasn't enough so we all continued for most of the Friday until we had to start the car and head over to Kuopio, the city that hosted Animecon. While in the car the sewing continued with whatever things that could be sewed by hand (almost all of Giko's Mitsuru really, haha, that was mad). So we got to our pretty hotel at the pretty location, locked ourselves in the hotel rooms, plugged in my sewing machine and on we went. The team fell asleep one by one almost ready to just give up but.. let's just say I slept three hours. And we made it. Almost. Some of the pieces were just sewn on on the last morning (which led to us being late by a hour or two).

But we made it! There was a good deal of nice thingies in the program, of which I remember the best the guest of honor's interview, the anime concert and the panel about the persona games and their symbolism. Yup. Suprisingly I didn't spot that many familiar faces amongs the con-goers, but was spotted instead by a lovely blogger [Elci Oblivion], it was nice to meet you! Sorry for being unable to produce any comprehensive conversation, but I hadn't been sleeping for over a week!

There was plenty of cosplay themed programs, and to see a glimpse into them, visit my sister's blog and Lon's blog as linked above.

Giko as Mitsuru Kirijo

Me as Elizabeth

J-pon as Yukiko Amagi

Lon as Chie Satonaka

As a fighting game, we just had to take some related pictures:

Elizabeth vs Mitsuru

Yukiko vs Chie

After a good fight, there has to be some winning poses too:

As the second day came, I was super tired, and me and J-pon were both just slacking with the dressing, ie we wore out traveling clothes. Awesome Giko and Lon put us to shame by doing some beautiful cosplaying on the second day too. Again, see their blogs for more pictures!


And now that everyone is thinking of how beautiful everyone was, let me shatter your illusion with some pictures of how things really went. Which means going from this...

to this in few seconds.

Very impressive fighting there.

Gravity. Our worst enemy.


Giko was too awesome to provide me fail picture here, so instead she was looking just fabulous~

Luckily you can trust me to have some weirdness going on!

I hope you enjoyed the overgrown post of our adventure! Now our cosplay team gives their hearty thanks and moves on to cool down from this and to start planning for their next move!

6 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, great outfits and poses! I love the one of you with the book looking bored while the other girl attacks you with the sword.

    1. Haha, thank you! We had a good deal of fun coming up with different poses for these :D.

  2. Hienoja asuja ja nuo taistelukuvat kyllä pisti hymyilyttämään. :) Mukava oli selailla kuvia ja lukea vähän tapahtumasta! ^^

    1. Hyvä, että viihdyttivät! Näitä kuvia oli myös hauska ottaa :).

  3. Ihania kuvia ja asuja! ❤ ..vaikka en hahmoja tunnekaan :P
    Hömppä kun en sua siellä tunnistanut, mutta isossa conissa on vaikea bongata kaikkia ja etenkään tietää kuka on kuka kaikkien cossien ja asujen alta.

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha, coneissa kun pyörii, niin tulee nähtyä paljon hienoja asuja ilman mitään tietoa ovatko pelistä, sarjakuvasta vai animaatiosta :D.
      Voi harmi! Mutta erittäin totta, on kyllä vaikeaa tunnistaa ihmisiä, jotka ovat sonnustautuneet aivan toisennäköisiksi kun tavallisesti x).