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A Kodona Week

For a couple of reasons, I haven't worn kodona for a while. 
One, the coords take time to complete. Two, my current hair is very ladylike. Three, I have gained weight. Four, do I need to keep going? And let's face it: I am lazy. For this week I decided to roll into casual kodona outfits for five days out of seven despite the reasons above and here is what it looked like.

Shoulder Bag - ReStyle // School Shoes - Skopunkten // Buckled Platforms - secondhand


Round One

Detailed Black Shirt - regular shop // Golden Cross Cravat - selfmade // Golden Skull Necklace - GinaTricot // Antique Pocket Watch - gift // High Waist Pants - F+F

Always wear a smile for Mondays.

As I woke as slowly as ever, I was lucky to have a clear idea for today's coord. Didn't save me from being late though, even though I hopped on a bike in order to make it in time. I must have looked splendid while riding my old and slightly rusty bike around the city wearing all this. Also, sorry for wrinkled clothes in the photos. They were ironed before wearing, but after loitering for four days waiting for me to complete this post...


Round Two

Super Sleeve Shirt & Ankle High Jacket & Laced Black Vest - secondhand // Detailed Huge Cross Necklace - gift // High Waist Pants - F+F

One strange cross. I got this one from my grandfather. There is a random story, but let's leave it for some other time.

Every garment should have buttons. Well, almost every.

While rushing through morning I came to the conclusion that I should have wake up earlier in order to finish the coords properly. Again, I was starting to be late, when I gave up with the hair and the make-up. Usually I'd wear a top hat whenever in kodona or aristo, but I wouldn't take such a precious item to such a dangerous place as a school, nope. Not when it might rain. And it did. This time I didn't have a bike due the jacket that almost swept the floors as I walked (epic-looking when walking, life-threatening, when biking). Love the jackets. I wasn't sure if I loved the sleeves of that shirt or not at first, but as the day went on, they started to look alright.


Round Three

Ribbon Collar Shirt - secondhand // Black Vest & Accessories - regular shops // Velveteen Jacket - Punk Rave // High Waist Pants - F+F

Kodonas can wear ribbons too.

Oookay, the morning number three and I was quite settled on not being late, I even woke earlier. I went for a very easy coord this morning for the same reason. However I was even more late compared to before. Part of the reason might have been that I had decided to wear my other knee-high pants, but fretted to wear something I hadn't worn ever before, since I couldn't spare to spend some time staring and getting used to the sight. Haha. Also, I didn't wear the velveteen jacket shown in the picture above for the same reason the top hat wasn't allowed. My fancier jackets and gilets sat safely in the closet for this week. 


Round Four

Black Chiffon Shirt - secondhand // Removable Fancy Collar & Knee High Pants - selfmade // Pinstriped Long Vest & Pinstriped Jacket & Golden Pocket Watch - gifts

This watch is a gift from my grandfather as well. On the cover there is a detailed, engraved picture of a couple of deers. It's a winding watch but I always forget to wind it, therefore it's never showing the correct time.

Buttons, buttons, everywhere.

Alright, on the third morning I was scrolling around my wardrobe, and ended up taking this vest from the day one because it suited the jacket. I suppose the whole had a bit less Victorian feeling to it.... could it be that with a little push I could have made it to dandy instead of kodona? Maybe with long pants and a correct hat... Nah, dandy isn't for me. Also that collar thing. It is as old as time, but I just haven't come to make a new and better one, so I simply prayed that no one would have a reason good enough to zoom their gaze on it. Despite my fear from day before, the pants worn today were a hit. They fit very well, and I liked how they had a lot slimmer look than the F+F pants. Also they were a bit longer and didn't say that I was a bit smaller from the waist five years ago. Today I wasn't late that badly, but got quite of a headache at the end of the day for the light breathing caused by the binding. Ouch.


Round Five

Black Scarf - regular shop // Blue Shirt & Knee High Pants- selfmade // Laced Black Vest - secondhand // Blue Cross Necklace - Moi Meme Moitie // Moi Dix Mois Pendant

Did you notice this was the only brand item I wore for these coords? I was supposed to have these coords all brand-free, but I needed something blue to go with the shirt!

I was supposed to complete fifth coord on Friday (the original plan was to wear punk kodona, but I'll save that for the next meetup or something then), but I had extra time on Thursday so I strolled through my closet and tried to find something that I had never had a chance to wear. That is when this blue thing came out. I still love the color and the shape of the sleeves. But the collar is yards too big and the sleeves a bit too short. There is also some executional mistakes that earned this shirt a death sentence -I'll be putting it into pieces and sewing something new out of it. But maybe I'll do a version two in some point of my life where I have some extra time and a pile of nice, blue fabric.


Now for the mission impossible: make them all fit back in the closet.

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  1. Ihanaa kullä sinustakin pitkästä aikaa ja upeita asuja!! Varsinkin tuo punk raven musta samettitakki pisti iloisesti silmään, se on hiiieeno!! Keep up!

    1. Kiitos kovasti! Se takki on yhtä rakkautta ♥.

  2. WOW too many awesome items!!!!! Beautiful clothes and accessories and i would love to read that story behind the cross :D

    1. Heeheehee, thank you! And maybe I'll write about the cross sometime :,3.

  3. Those buckled platforms are absolutely to die for! I used to have some really nice chunky second hand platform shoes from when they were popular in the 90s/ early 200s, but they fell apart eventually and I don't see them around anymore. I don't know if I would be able to walk in them anymore, anyway. I am so clumsy!

    I think your hair looks good with the outfits, but I have always liked long haired boys! Not that you look like a boy!

    I gained weight too, I have grown out of a huge amount of my old clothes but I guess that just means a new (budget) wardrobe! Yay!

    I want to hear the story about that cross sometime.

    The blue looks fantastic with the black! Definitely make another blue shirt!

    I love all the amazing op shop finds! That lace vest! I am very jealous! The local op shops have gone down a bit in quality recently, all normal type clothes you would see in normal stores, bright colours, nothing very unusual and if it is it seems to be priced up! Sigh!

    1. Oh, walking with platforms is surprisingly easy! .. or maybe I just think that way since I was a kid when everyone had a pair xD.

      I must admit that I too have always liked long haired men! And I don't mind looking like a boy when I dress in kodona xD:

      Haha, visiting secondhand stores is always interesting because you never know what you will find! Normal shops have nice things sometimes, but must admit that I haven't been visiting them much anymore.. though now that autumn is coming, the colors might start to be a bit more pleasing again!

  4. Siis voi että sulla on upeita asuja! ❤ *____*
    Tykkään niin sun kodona-tyylistä, sopii upeasti ja kun muuntaudut vaikka miksi erityyliseksi..mahtavaa!

    Kiva tuommoinen itsensä tsemppaus asuilemaan, vaikka niitä negatiivisia syitä on paljon helpompi keksiä ja isommassa määrin. Voin kyllä kuvitella kuinka eeppinen fiilis on kävellä tuommoiten ihanien takkien ja kaikkien muidenkin juttujen kanssa. ^___^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Kiitos, hyvä, etten ollut toivottamasti ruosteessa =w=~.

      Fiilis oli kyllä eeppinen (varsinkin pyörällä suhatessa pitkin poikin keskustaa) ja ehkä jaksan taas tämän viikon jälkeen pukeutua kodonaan tavallisina päivinä ilman sen suurempia päätöksiä :).