maanantai 14. heinäkuuta 2014

Lumous '14 Report!

Whew, what a hectic two weeks these have been! Yesterday evening I returned from Kuopio, and started sleeping to wake up 14h later... Today then, of what was left of today anyway, I have spend by cleaning up places and vacuuming around. Lumous and Animecon kept me so busy that things just flowed around making the whole apartment a chaotic mess filled with black clothing and stranger and stranger sewing projects.

To get down to the business! This post is dedicated to Lumous XIV, the biggest gothic festival in Finland.


The week had started with a surgery, where some happy people with white coats removed two of my wisdom teeth from my lower jaw. Despite the possible dangers everything went safely and I was so well drugged for the rest of the week that nothing hurt at all, hahaha. There was just this little thing... while I didn't get bad bruises, just slightly yellow areas for a day or two, my jaw and cheeks became terribly buffed. I was worried of the swelling not going down in time.. and it didn't. Also my stitches didn't love me for talking and laughing, but I couldn't help it! So they exploded about every evening, but I'm still doing quite fine! Hahaha....


The four day festival started on Thursday and I strolled to Dog's Home slightly late to meet some good friends from close and far, like Jen, [Tomvi], Mr M and Miss P. Also ended up making acquaintances with some new kids.

Chaos Research

The Flatfield

Wops! Forgot to take a proper outfit photo! Admire my swollen cheeks!

High Collar Shirt - secondhand // Black Corset Waisted Pencil Skirt - selfmade // Jewelry - gifts


Friday then. Still with the big cheeks and with a diet consisting things that one doesn't need to bite. Like ice cream. Luckily I love ice cream. Oh! Right! Lumous. I don't remember what happened during the day time (I probably slept and sewed through it), but at the evening I managed to stroll over to Klubi, where the festival continued. Sat down for a chat with [Ravenoaris], [Tinde] and [Chastel], and danced through the night with the party team from yesterday + Mr P.



Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Pinstriped Dress - Corporate Vampire - Lip Service // Buckled Black Boots & Bag - secondhand

Have a faceless victory photo! Yays for my cheeks and unability to smile wider than that!
This was earlier that evening when I was still poking the wardrobe. I had been running a healthier diet for 1,5 months just to fit in this dress for this year's Lumous. It had been in my closet for about 2 years, but since it looked so nice, I couldn't sell it forward. Also, it was too little just by few centimeters... But not much sense in keeping something that you couldn't wear, right? So it was either fit in it this year, or depart with it. And I made it! Barely, I must confess. But now I can keep on keeping it!


For this day Mr M2 and Jen came over, we made some waffles and had a chaotic event with clothes and hair and whatnots. It was something between terrible and fun, but we made it to Klubi in the end, only a bit late! Ran to some more friends, some fellow bloggers (like gorgeous [Mystral], wow, I had no idea she had such a nice voice!) and naturally we danced through the night with the party team + Mr M2.


Two Witches

Leaether Strip

As said before, there was some panicing before the event, so the only outfit shot I can offer for this night is this group shot, where we are all nice and sweaty (Klubi was like a sauna during Leaether Strip's performance!) on a buss stop around 04:00. But my companions are still way beautiful! Thank yous to Mr M2 for the photo!

Striped Top - Lip Service // Buckle Boots & Tulle Skirt x2 & Studded Back & Velveteen Short Jacket -  secondhand // Necklaces & Hair Accessories - random shops


 I had been planning to get this dress for Lumous, but it had slipped my mind until a week before, I remembered and ordered it.. and it made it to Finland in time! I really loved the shape and the length of it, not to mention that the print had me drooling from the beginning. Some execution things of the dress left me with question marks, and I'm still to contact Killstar if this is how it's supposed to be.. For such an expensive dress, you sort of expect certain quality standard. But outside it looks wonderful nevertheless! If I had enough money, I would order another just for safe keeping!

Symbol Filled Dress - Killstar // Black Platform Wedges - Nellys

As always, The End party doesn't allow cameras, so only outfit picture for this day!
Maybe it was the medication I was under or the fact that I did morning shifts on Saturday and Sunday, but I was completely drained when I got to Dog's Home. I still danced for the whole event and even went for the after-after party at Doris, just because.. it's going to be a whole year until the next Lumous! I wish I had had a bit more energy to enjoy it to the fullest!

Thank you Lumous and everyone who participated in it!

Also.. have a picture of when I finally got home, somewhere closer to the morning than the night, haha!

It was as bright as a day!


As for other things. After sleeping those 14h last night, I'm still completely out of energy and some money issues have me worried. Also I was told that my school starts in less than a month, and that is just mad! I haven't gotten to swim or to visit our family's summer cottage yet! Dammit! This week.. I'll try to take it easy and maybe write things, the next week.. I think someone ordered a steampunk themed dress from me during Lumous. Must get to that too. Yup. 

Good nights all!