perjantai 14. helmikuuta 2014

Knickers And Capes

I have done some sewing, though lazily and some of the works staying halfway, lacking buttons and such. As for something almost finished, I made some knickerbockers and two capes, but since the bigger one is lacking the buttons, I decided to drop it from this post.
Also, when I took the pics, I didn't realize how blurred they were, bear with me!

I was sort of planning to wear these for Hellocon, but work came up and I couldn't make it. Such a shame!

Yays for blue lining and dozens of buttons!


The pie number 2! A blueberry pie!

As for other things, been just terribly busy. Whole week, a huge load of work and school and other studies. Quite frankly, quite mad. But I suppose, one must bear it for now! I do hope I have time next week to finish my history essays with at least some success...

maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

We have a good amount of snow now here in Finland. The days seem so much less dark, and the white looks gorgeous on trees and lakes and so on. Oh yes.

And that gives me a good enough reason to spam some white stuff from Chanel  that makes one feel like burying oneself under some huge, warm cardigans.
And it also gives me some good excuse to avoid doing my history essays. Or training, forgive me, I'm lazy enough to die of it, yes.
Now on to the pictures.

Rest of the collection can be seen [here].


Almost related!

C'mon, costumes, wigs and David Bowie. Had to be shared here in some point.

Alright, alright. I'll go see what Phoenicians have done and what should I write about them and their friends...