torstai 30. tammikuuta 2014

A Surprise Attack

First! Greetings and welcomes to [Girly Gamer]! Nice to have you around!


Last weekend (because I always update in time) me, [Giko] and [Lon] ambushed J-pon and dressed her up and dragged her to our favorite Japanese restaurant to celebrate. I wonder though if it was she or us who had the most of fun, since we turned my wardrobe and accessory boxes upside down to find all sorts of things we could throw at her. I'd say, however, that in the end she looked superbly beautiful and elegant! And yes, some lolita-themed stuff might have been our main line here.

The indoor lights were dreadful so the pics were all just dark and I didn't feel like doing any editing aside of shrinking, so bear with me and concentrate on how pretty people I have the privilege to know!

Oh, and three of us were wearing something I had made. That made me feel kinda amused~
Those of you who have been around a while might have seen those pieces in my sewing entries, haha.

 Lon looks just like a doll ;__;.

I have no idea why were everyone hugging a blue alpaca.

My lil' cuddly sis thing~

I'm wearing one of Giko's wigs. I wish I had hair like that, it made me feel so much prettier!

I think that's Talu's plate.



For all the good parties, there is an after party? Therefore very stylish Guitar Hero followed in some point.

Thank you for the evening, team!


As for other things...

I ended my longest running blog over at LiveJournal. It was mainly about games, random IRL and bjds. Most of the bjd pictures, as the one above, will be directed more actively to forums and DeviantArt, but there might be some overflow, so do not mind if now and then some of them slip here too. 
Or would you like me to introduce my, err, bjd things to you in some post?

As for games and randomity, I joined Twitter. I'm just testing it out and might not keep it up if it doesn't suit me, but if you use it, let me know. I'm mostly spamming pictures of current sewing WIPs and games and such. Yeah. Find me [here].

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