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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 17-24


Whew! I'm still a bit behind, but here is the second last patch!

Night 17


A killer escapes a mental institution and he wants revenge on a respectable Herrick family who he claims to have cheated him his money. When an eager scientist tests his new invisibility formula on the killer, he starts to haunt Herricks to get what he wants...

After match: Not bad! But how many invisible things there are..?

Night 18


The story of Kharis and Ananka continue. The legend is told to a new  High Priest who sets off to revive Kharis with the mystic leaves, over at U.S. Kharis is already awake as an unlucky archeologist tries out the tana leaves... Also a young lady seems to have a strange connection to the old legend...

After match: Poor mummy, one must feel a bit sorry for him...

Night 19


Dr Franz Edelmann has a number of strange patients a certain "Baron" wants to be cured of vampirism and a certain Mr Talbott has a trouble with lycanthropy. Dr is sure he can heal them and the rest of his patients, but will they be able to handle their monstrous habits long enough..?

After match: Name sounds like a super spin-off, but I sort of liked the idea of them all going to a same doctor! Maybe someone should do a remake out of this..

Night 20


A certain swamp is disturbed by excavations and stirs up a bit more than just swamp fumes. A young lady who doesn't seem to remember anything appears and strange deaths by strangulation follow her as she escapes through the night. And of course the mummy Kharis appears with some help from the new High Priest.

After match: Not a bad one either, but watching the mummy is pretty painful. He is so slow, that any old man could outrun him, yet he manages to strangle a good amount of people and the ladies just faint around, come on!

Night 21


Everything seems to be lovely: the young lady Phyllis Allenby is living in a grand house with her aunt and cousing, and is going to get married to a man she loves. But awfully violent deaths start to occur at the park near-by, claimed to have been caused by a woman - a werewolf woman. And Phyllis is well aware of the old curse of the Allenbys, involving wolves. Is this her doing, why is there blood on her hands when she wakes up and what about the marriage?

After match: Another rather good one! I'm on a roll.

Night 22


In this horror thriller, a serial killer known as Creeper murders people and police try to catch him. While finding out the old revenge behind the murders, the time is running out on those who are involved...

After match: Piano music, one does appreciate.

Night 23


When a bar fight ends badly, a young rather immoral man escapes the angry mob and on his escape he runs to a pair of huge doors behind of which seems to be a mad world of it's own: a household, where he soon finds himself about to marry a young lady whose uncle wishes to arrange the marriage so that the lady would suffer as much as possible as a revenge for a lost love affair...

After match: Ehm. That's like from... some... paper back romance novel. Um. Ehm. Yeah.

Night 24


A meteor crashes down on a desert. And it didn't come down alone. In fact it wasn't much of a meteor, but a ship loaded with yummy little alien species. Those who saw it land are not believed, and the proof seems to disappear whenever they turn their backs on it. But when the aliens take over some locals, something must be done...

After match: Ok, that was scifi film. Well done effects from 1953, was fun to watch, fufufu.


Nononono, clock just isn't that much yet..!
It is? Shoot, again going to be dead tired at school.

torstai 24. lokakuuta 2013

They Followed Me Home, So I Called Them Mine

Seems like some things have indeed followed me home, even though I have been almost too busy to visit any but the food market!

On the first pic is a layered black skirt. The flowery pattern on the top layer (chiffon, I suppose) is velveteen. I bought it in order to have a longer skirt that I could use for biking around. Sadly it's so light that it's not very practical for that.. 5e, secondhand (Fida).

 These huge earrings were ordered from Killstar. They look cool but they are also way too heavy! Also there was a warning sheet in the package stating that they may break with ease and by anything...

Take-away sushi from Maruseki, my favorite restaurant. Eaten with my sis while sewing and watching random movies (Spirit & Rango).

Sorry for the shakey picture. This one was bought secondhand. I might have payed a bit too much for it, but it looked so lovely...!

A dark grey skirt for the casual days. It's of a good lenght, not to mention it was just 5e, haha.

A huge DeathNote wall flag, 2e, secondhand. Now where should I hang this...

That cute bag stared at me at Kaunotar & Kulkuri secondhand shop. It has surprisingly much room for all sorts of things. Under it is the newest ImagineFX, special issue. 

Games. Must. Love. Games.


As for other things.
Went to see two concert in Helsinki. The first one was The Gazette with Giko and Lon, the second one Editors with Talu. Live music is a lovely thing.

It was prohibited to take photos at The Gazette's gig, but Editors didn't mind.

Also ate fancily three courses at Maruseki with mom and sis:

Japanese kitchen is for the win. I have been trying out different recipes from cook books of Asian kitchens, but I must confess that I'm not exactly a natural cook... *cough*

Also went to see Addams Family at the local theater which gave me a perfect reason to stroll around in this epic dress with its very epic sleeves. Haha. I also spend the whole day before the theater floating around the apartment in this dress, it was awesome.
I still haven't figured where to put the camera to get but the mirror shots, but I'm working on it!

 Oh. Right. I wasn't supposed to write. I was supposed to sleep. Will be back to check my bloglist later then..!

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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 9-16

I see [Werewolf] joining in! Welcome, I hope you'll enjoy your stay~


Alright! It's time for the second patch of movies! I might be a bit behind with the movies, but I'll catch up!

9. Night


Old inventor, backed up by a wealthy lawyer comes up with invisibility machine and it proves to be a success when they test it on a beautiful lady, Kitty. Things go wrong when Kitty runs off to have some bending revenge, and some gangsters become interested of the device.

After match: Way to start! Not a horror movie, surely not. But it was alright anyway.

10. Night


The dwellers of village of Frankenstein blame their bad things on the supposed curse laying around the Frankenstein's castle, and decide to destroy it. Ygor who still lives in the castle tries to drive them off, but fails and soon he and Monster are heading to another village, to find the second son of the original Dr Frankenstein.

After match: How many Frankenstein themed movies are there?

11. Night


At the times of WWII, the grandson of the original invisible man is being sought after by the agents of both sides to get the invisibility recipe. He the decides to take a post as an agent himself, and off he goes to Germany...

After match: The grandson of the original film has fallen quite far from horror. But it wasn't half bad, yet what was that flowery kimono thing??

12. Night


A death in a family has faced mr Talbot who then returns to his ancestral home. Everything seems to be going jut fine: he finds a lovely lady and gets to save her friend from a wolf. But next he is accused of murder -and it seems that killing a wolf with silver may lead to unexpected events...

After match: ....can't get over the face. But this time it was a horror movie! I suppose! And that was a star more than a pentagram!

13. Night


Hungarian Count Alucard arrives to U.S.. And soon ladies act strange and odd deaths start to occur. When one of the ladies is fiancee-to-be of a bold young man who takes up a gun, secrets start to unravel themselves...

After match: He had a daughter, so naturally there is a son too. Am I the only one wishing that next Wife of Dracula will come and get revenge for whole family?

14. Night


The plot takes place after the events of The Wolf Man and Ghost of Frankenstein. Some graverobbers disturb the sleeping wolf, Mr Talbot, who then hurries to find the castle of Frankenstein, in hopes of making himself human again. And at the catacombs of castle Frankenstein, he finds Monster, but will he also find the notes of Dr Frankenstein, will they be use to him and what about beautiful Elsa and another local doctor?

After match: Dracula. They need Dracula here too. Harder to revive after his daughter burned him? (Not to mention that Lugosi would have needed to make two roles, which I'm sure he could have.)

15. Night


Thirty years after the first film (10min of flashbacking so that everyone knows what's going on), it's revealed that the villains of the first film survived and now they are on their way to U.S. And they want their revenge. And they have the mummy with them.

After match: That's some interesting luggage they got. But I'd still smuggle Dracula in mine.

16. Night


Vengeful doctor Niemann escapes the prison with help of the hunchback, while making their way to Frankenstein's castle, they run into Dracula, and when there, there are Monster and the Wolf Man. Then there is some love triangles and a pile of tragic deaths, but whose?

After match: .. so I got my Dracula in there now? And... this didn't feel at all like a super filler spin-off. And that was sarcasm if it's hard to notice through my writing.


As for other things. 
I need to write school things. So why am I writing this here?

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Whispers from Forest

Lovely [Miss K] has finished editing the pictures we took and now I'd like to share some with you.
The styling and make-up is by Miss K, accessories and things are from various places. If you would like to model for her, you can contact Miss K through her websites or in her [blog]. She is talented and sweet so don't be afraid.

I like how these pictures turned out and how they form something like a story.

To go with the pictures, I have been tagged some time ago by [The Countess] with Five Things -challenge, so I'll smuggle some answers here, haha. There is also another challenge waiting, but that needs to wait a little bit more.

  • Link back to the person who tagged you.
  • Tag 5 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  • Get them to tag more bloggers and keep this thing going. 

5 things you need every day:

1. Breakfast - Can't start a day without. Sometimes it's just a fast little thing, sometimes it must be eaten while running to someplace. Or on good mornings it can be enjoyed with good deal of time, warm cup of tea and something to read.

2. Books - I hardly ever leave home without one. If you can't fit a book in a bag, the bag is too small. I tend to pick a book up everywhere where is even a few minutes to spare.

3. Games - I'm hopelessly and pleasantly addicted to video games. And even though I'm not always able to play every day, I still wish to play everyday, haha. My favorites are beautiful console RGPs with fighting menus and epic plots (Final Fantasies and Shin Megami Tensei's games are on the top of my list). But Guild Wars 2 has also been taking a good deal of time as for late.

4. Paper & 5. Pens - To draw or to write. I usually do both in the old fashioned way, though sometimes some lines may be saved on computer, and I am interested of entering digital painting with some seriousness in some point. But writing feels more real and easy to me when done with a little book and a pen.  And I write or draw pretty much every day.

5 books you would recommend:

1. Lord of the Rings & 2. The Hobbit -Tolkien. Or well, pretty much anything from the author. Such a wide world and written so beautifully. And a big tale, and I love big tales. 

3. Shogun - James Clavell. Surprisingly this one is not from fantasy genre, but adventure. Such a complex plot and interesting turns of events. For someone who likes to stick to one genre like me, this was interesting experience.

4. Good Omens - Practhett & Gaiman. Interesting tale, great writing, wonderful writers. I haven't read this book for a good while, but maybe I should follow my own recommendation and read it some day here.

5. Books by Terry Pratchett. In general really. I'm always send laughing when I read his stories about Discworld.

5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents:

Already speaking of Christmas? Oh well..

1. Game of Thrones -books. I don't have them yet and my bookshelf is sighing sadly after them. The prettier the better.

2. Lord of The Rings & 3. The Hobbit  (books) in English in some beautiful, collector editions.

3. Harry Potter movies in a box.

4. A beautiful chandelier for my roof. I saw one in an antique shop almost next door. But it cost about 300e so I couldn't afford it myself.

5. Umm. A bookshelf.

5 places you wish to visit 

1. Japan. In general. All of it. I'd like to stay for a good while and travel around. And to see our sensei's dojo, even though I wouldn't dare to actually go there *cough*

2. London. I need to go there. While there I would stroll around the whole city, take a huge load of pictures of historical sites and other buildings.

3. Paris / Versailles / Disneyland. I have been to Paris once, long ago. And would like to visit it again. Versailles is close to it and it would be the high point of my visit for sure. And yes, Disneyland. Mhuhuhu.

4. Old Italian cities. Roma and Venice especially. In Roma I'd be most interested of all the historical sites, in Venice... I'd prolly be sighing on all the bridges and jumping at corners with my camera. But that's pretty much what I do in every place, isn't it?

5. Caribbean islands. And if I can do this trip with a sailing ship, I'd be ... I don't even find the word for it. Any of you who have ever wanted to be a pirate (err, or something) will know why. And how it would feel like.

5 Adjectives that describe you:

1. Absentminded. My nickname, HajaMiel comes from Finnish word for that ("hajamielinen"). I am, I tend to forget things a lot, I also tend to stray from one topic to other a bit too easily.

2. Creative. I suppose, at least there is always something on the way.

3. Calm. Or so they all tell me. I feel far from calm all the time, but it is still one of the first adjectives that people use of me. So maybe it describes me, maybe it doesn't.

4. Kind. I hope I am. And I believe I'm somewhat successful in this. In the other hand some say I'm often too kind.

5. Busy. This one I wish I wasn't but it's a major trait in me nevertheless. I'm always going somewhere, always doing something. It's rather exhausting, but I don't know how not to be.

5 things you'd say to people about life: 

1. Never forget others. Hold those who are important to you close to your heart.

2. Use your time well. Since it's going to end anyway, you'd better use it in a way that you won't regret later.

3. Live well. There is a lot of things you can read into this,.

4. Remember to sleep. I know I should.

5. Dream on.

People tagged:


Sorry, if you have done this already!

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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 1-8

Alright! Time to start at last! 
Took me a while to poke stuff together, but here they come:

1. Night
THE RAVEN (1935)

 Everything starts when a beautiful lady is in a serious car accident and the only one who can save her is Dr. Richard Vollin who has a great passion towards Poe's writings and a respectable collection of home made torture devices inspired by Poe. After the operation Dr Vollin finds himself in love, even obsessed by the lady, whose father though quite disapproves. The obsession then grows into a fatal plan...

After match: Oh, that was quite fun! Everyone loves huge houses with secret doors and things, right?

2. Night


 Dracula has been destroyed by Von Helsing, who is blamed for a murder (of someone he claims to have died over 500 yeas ago) and is going to get sentence for that. Instead of a lawyer he calls one of his old students, Dr. Jeffrey Garth, for help. At the same time Dracula's daughter, Countess Zaleska, comes to the town, steals the body of her father and burns it to free herself from vampirism. When this does not work, she too turns to Dr. Garth for help, but things won't always go as planned...

After match: Wow, that's one femme fatale! Nice for a change amongst all these screaming and fainting ladies.

Night 3

NIGHT KEY (1937)

An inventor comes up with a new system for burglar alarms, but is tricked from the profits. He then goes for a little bit of a revenge, but the invention attracts some unwanted attention from dangerous gangsters...

After match: Gangsters? Wops, it wasn't exactly a horror film! But it was fun.

Night 4


Dr. Janos Rukh comes up with a new telescope which can look to the past, and sees a meteor hitting the Earth long, long time ago. As a group of scientist go to do some excavations on the meteor, Dr. Rukh is exposed to dangerous radiation, which makes him glow in dark and to be able to kill people with simply a touch of his hands. But it also makes him slowly to lose his mind, and soon he is after the lives of those who were at the excavation side with him, including his colleagues, friends - and his wife.

After match: Gah! I got tricked by Bela Lugosi! This wasn't exactly horror either, but science fiction. Maybe I should check what the film is about before I watch them? But... there might be spoilers! On we go!

Night 5


A wealthy botanist mr Glendon travles to Tibet in search of a rare plant. While there he is attacked by a werewolf, though the meaning of this isn't clear to him but later. He returns to his home at London with the plant, and when home he starts to change -and the only thing that keeps him from killing those he loves the most is the flowers of this plant that only flowers at moon light. But there are also other after the flower, and soon the headlines of magazines have some suspicious, horrible murders on their titles...

After match: Humdehumdehum. The grannies were for the win!

Night 6


Years after the incident involving certain Dr Frankenstein, his son, with his son and wife, come to the village in dreamy hopes, but are greeted by hostile villagers. However they settle in, while they are constantly facing the fears of a new Monster. Baron Fankenstein meets Ygor one day, and is led to find Monster in comatose at the crypts. He can't help the feeling that he must, as a scientist, poke Monster... even if just a little bit. Soon the villagers and the family of Frankenstein have more to fear than just memories...

After match: First Daughter of Dracula, then Son of Frankenstein. Next must be Grandma of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? It was nice, nevertheless.

Night 7


 Sir Radcliffe is accused of a murder of his brother, though he is innocent. Needing more time to prove his innocent, his friend Dr. Griffin (brother of the original invisible man), bails him out of jail using the invisibility drug his brother created on Sir Radcliffe. The escape is a success, but the sand on the hourglass is running: Dr. Griffin now needs to find a cure to the drug, or his friend will die insane as well as invisible. While Dr Griffin searches for cure, Radcliffe searches the truth behind the murder he was blamed for. But the time is running out on them both...

After match: So it wasn't the Grandmother then. Quite interesting one, this one, yes.

Night 8


 Long ago in ancient Egypt a man was mummified and buried alive as a punishment for his crime, which he did out of love, to bring his loved princess back to life. He didn't succeed, and instead was cursed not to be able to enter the next world. Years later some archaeologists hear of a hidden tomb and they go for it in hopes of finding something that would grand them wealth and fame. But what they and those they drag to excavation site with them, find something quite else... And soon there is a mummy on a lose.

After match:

On the left is George Zucco playing Professor Andoheb, on the right Arnold Vosloo from The Mummy of 1999, playing high priest Imhoteb. Am I the only one who see some resemblance? It was very confusing every time Zucco strolled on screen during this film...


I read The Book Of Beasts to it's end and am now reading through Lewis Carroll's Alice stories. Such a pretty looking book, lovely original pictures of John Tenniel. Very fitting of the candle light and evenings of autumn.

As for other things. I miss my piano. Must plug it on the wall soon. Very soon.