maanantai 27. toukokuuta 2013

Challenge of A Borrowed Item

In 1 vs 100 -entry wonderful [Kaino] gave me this task:

I immediately knew that I was going to loan the item from my little sister, because her wardrobe is one big rainbowmadness. And what is not my style? I needed something light pink. Since I was supposed to make it work in an outfit, I went for incorporating the item into gothic style.
And yes, a wig counts as a piece of clothing!

Jacket & Skirt - Lip Service // Pinstriped Platform Heels - Demonia // Pinstriped Mini Top Hat - Gift // Black Bag - secondhand // Wig - loaned

Sorry for the face, it's a bit off, haha! But I love that jacket (Diamond Dynasty by Lip Service, I want rest of them too!) to pieces even though I haven't used it much. As for the wig.. can I please have it to myself in some other color?! It was amazing! Thank you [Giko] for loaning the wig and taking these pics for me!


Blog chess time!
 photo IMG_0756_zps77935ff8.jpg

 Soldier to F6!
Orcs, orcs, more orcs!

I must be off to study now, then soon off to work.
And neither of those have threatened my sanity at all as you can see:


tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013

Challenge of Answers

Alright, slowly but surely, it's time to start.
Ehm, and the first one is a challenge of questions that I got a way back from [Lonlon]. And it's that damned eleven questions -challenge again..! Here we go!

Have pictures of our apple tree to go with it.


-Tell eleven facts about yourself
-Answer eleven questions made by the one who challenged you
-Come up with eleven new questions
-Challenge eleven new bloggers with less than 200 followers
-Tell them that you challenged them to this

Eleven facts

I like of
1. sky of dawn,
2. sky of dusk,
3. clouds from white 
4. to dark,
5. Thunder and
6. lightning that pierces it
7. and all the birds
8. that dare to fly.
9. Winds with their whispers,
10. Moon that watches over night
11. and Sun that lights the day.

From the challenger:

1. Your favorite piece of clothing? Why?
A jacket. Everyone must know this already. I love my big black jackets.
2. Some quirk of fashion that you don't understand?
There is plenty of those, I'm sure.
3. The background pic on your com?

4. The most epic moment of your life?
No idea. Running around a churchyard in middle of night maybe.
5. Are you planning on purchasing something in the close future? What?
Yes! Fabrics! I want to sew, even though I haven't managed to start as for late...

6. Can you recommend some food that you have tasted?
 Sushi. Yum.

7. Have you considered taking a tattoo?
Yes. I already have two, and am planning for other two.

8. The latest movie you have seen? 

9. Do you have some phrase/word you keep saying?
I'm one of those who always have. It changes over time.

10. What sort of music you could not listen with a straight face?
Um. Not a type of music alone, but some songs are like that.

11. What would you like to ask from yourself right now?
 Why is it so hard for you to do things in time?

My questions:

1. What is behind you right now?
2. The best thing inside your fridge?
3. Your favorite dessert?
4. If you could, which one would you be: perfect cook, perfect tailor or perfect painter?
5. The best month?
6. If you were a color, you would be...? Why?
7. Have you read Wheel of Time? Isn't it just damnably long series?
8. Your favorite tree?
9. When you were a child, did you like more of beaches or forests?
10. Tomorrow you will...?
11. Do you play boardgames?

And I'll challenge the eleven latest readers I've gotten, haha! It's nice to get to know you too, so if you feel like it, feel free to poke these questions~

I have always loved oaks. But I love apple trees almost as much~


Blog chess time!
Bishop to C6.
Gag, it's that evil hobbit! Gollum retreats!

As for other things. 
I want to sew and photograph, but I should read. But in the end I just play. Damn! And work. Hmh.

sunnuntai 12. toukokuuta 2013


When you buy things, sometimes, it's a good idea to pay a bit more for some quality. To make the item last. Less damage to nature. Less damage to wallet on a long run. Less disappointments. 

Here is a good example for us all.

I met shoes. I liked the style and needed some flat-sole somewhat-practical shoes. If they were able to be incorporated to different styles, even better. And I found a pair that somewhat fit the description. With lowered price, lucky me. I bought them. I wore them for two months, normal sort of usage: at work, to market etc. 
I personally think that after two months the shoes shouldn't look like this:

The fringe was the best part, I thought when I bought them. It was the one to start failing first too. This you could glue back, but then...

Wide smiles on shoes are not very nice thing.

Wide smiles on both ends, oh no.

Look at that. Look at that. In two months, I was losing the whole bottom of the shoe!

Most interesting to walk with those.

As you can see from the bottoms. I didn't use them enough for them to look as they look now.

To translate the pictures above to text: these shoes were complete waste of money. I would have been disappointed if I had paid more than 5e for shoes like that. And I did pay more, enough to be grumpy about it. And no, they weren't listed as 2nd class items.

So if you buy your items as new, buy things that can actually handle some usage. As listed above, you can save many things by doing that. Of course sometimes you don't exactly know what you are buying and this happens. Haha. They say that nowdays shoes/clothes are not made to last, but they should last at least few years instead of few months!


Blog chess time!

Bishop to A4.
The opportunity is too delicious to pass! Arwen was open to attack and Golum taggled her! What will Aragorn do now...

Yes, my humongous orc bishop did a transformation for this pic, as I made the move straight to [Giko's] own chess board.

sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013

In Skirts

I think I said that if someone doesn't buy the loli skirts I made, I'll wear them myself. 
I totally did.

Me and [Giko] went to roll around some stores, and ended up in front of a fancy house, waving a camera. Here is what it looked like:

Velveteen Skirt - Selfmade // Black Shirt, Velveteen Short Jacket - Secondhand // Black Hat - H&M // Blue Cross Necklace - Moi Meme Moitie // Shoes, Other Accessories - Random

Squintsquint. It was wonderfully windy day, and my eyes watered all the time, especially since I didn't wear my glasses.
(Giko asking her father to send a helicopter.)

Oh, and you haven't seen my house yet! I obviously live in here!

So am I more handsome in skirt or in pants? Haha.


Now weren't we looking all well-behaving. It's all a lie of course, the truth looked like this:

Thanks for looking, we hope you had fun too!


As for other things.
Oh my, I'm going to be late! Anyway! Going to put stuff on sale in few days, stay tuned if interested.

Now must run!