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Urban Explorers

I know it's December and everyone is getting a nice Christmas mood going on.. So I'll post some pictures from summer! Haha!

Following the suggestion of Miss K, me, she, my sis and miss M (who was visiting Finland and I had met a day before, now ain't we the perfect tourist guides!) went to see some abandoned places one beautiful, warm summer day. These pictures show you what we found.

To go with the pictures we have 5 Things -blog tag from [Laura Morrigan], thank you for tagging! And since I did this a while ago, I altered it up a bit on the way for this entry.


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5 things you need every day:
So last time I named breakfast, books, games, papers and pens. Let's see, five more things I might need..
6. Laptop - I use computer for many things and even though I won't freak out if I don't see it's screen exactly every day, I'd still prefer to see it frequently.
7. Epic music - Everyone loves music. I do love music. I do like my music with a touch of epicness.

8. Water boiler - Haha, well, I boil things a lot. And tea. One does need some tea.
9. Notebooks - Or a calendar. Something one can scribble on. Texts or sketches.
10. Shower - I spend too much time in them. Every day. I wish I had a bathtub (with epic lion paws).

5 books you would recommend:
If you want to know which ones I recommended, you may poke [this] post. This time I'll recommend some comics. And yes, they are all going to be manga series.
1. Nana by Ai Yazawa - Not just a pretty face, but the story is just heartbreaking. I confess to be a fan.
2. Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura - Amazing artwork, wonderful story, good load of characters. And oh my, the fighting scenes~

 3. Death Note by Tsugumi Ōba - If you haven't read this one yet, you must now. It's a legend. It's amazing. 
4. Angel Sanctuary  by Kaori Yuki - Very dramatic, very cruel. Beautifully detailed.
5. D.Gray-man by Katsura Hoshino - Something lighter now too! Err... you might still end up crying, but.. . . Well, it's a nice series nevertheless.

5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents:
Ookay, 1-5 wishes on the old post (mainly books, haha), so let's have more of the list!
6. 3DS XL - So need. I'll very likely end up buying it myself.
7. A pile of games for 3DS XL - Natural follow-up.
8. Missing parts of Nana - since you were asking and I was lacking.

9. White iaido gi and hakama - White is the official color of Muso Shinden ryu, and I should perhaps have one for the next time I'm panicking at exams. And these cost a good deal if one wants good quality.
10. Big, empty, black frames - I seem to have a lot of posters, and I want to put them on walls, but they look so much better with frames, which I don't have.

5 places you wish to visit:
More places, here we go.
6. New Zealand - Naturally. I'd run wherever some certain movies were filmed. And hum loudly some LotR tunes.
7. Old, Fancy Graceyards - because I'm a creep.

8. The rollercoaster amusement park, Japan - I saw it in TV. An amusement park with only rollercoasters.
9. India, historical sites - Taj Mahal for example. And yes, I'd so go and die in the jungle, just to see the temples. I'd die of fright at first sight of an insect.
10. Egypt - This time I'd die of heath and of curses from mummies, as I'd go and hug the pyramids.

5 Adjectives that describe you:
Since those you already know, what should this be? Let's make it animals!
1. Owls - I hunt at night. I mean live. I mean.. do stuff I should do during days.
2. Cats - Lazy as they are, I like to lay around and not move an inch from my favorite place.
3. Dogs - For I can be just about that happy sometimes. And I believe I'm quite as loyal too, haha.

4. Little birds -  They are always busy, I am always busy even though I'm lazy.
5. Magpies - I'm a collector, I gather a lot of stuff around me. And yes, if something is shining on ground, I'm going to go and check what it is just to see if it's of some value and if I need it.

5 things you'd say to people about life: 
Wrote those already, so I'll give you five verbs:
1. Dream
2. Laugh
3. Cry
4. Remember
5. Breath

People tagged:
If you have done the original version too, you can use my version as well :).

Also have few extras of the explorers:

My camera is bigger than yours - Lil sis

More energy than you can handle - Miss K

Perfectly fitting a horror movie - miss M


As for other things. 
Went to see Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
I have no idea how I can survive a whole year to get to see the third part.

Also making some related fanart, will be uploaded to the [drawing blog] when finished.

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  1. Kiitos haasteesta! :) Tein samantyyppisen haasteen vähän aikaa sitten, mutta pitää katsoa, jos tekisin tämän jonkin ajan päästä uudelleen. ^^

    1. Haha, jep. Nämä haasteet tykkäävät kiertää ympyrää :,).
      Mutta vähän muokkaamalla, on ihan hauskoja täytellä :).