lauantai 28. joulukuuta 2013

Crafting Magnetic Things

I trust that everyone had a nice Christmas time? Lot's of food and gifts and all? Good, remember to stash all the gift wraps/bags away for later use. Err... Moving on to other things.

The other day, I went and saw something nice, and after that I got myself some magnet pieces and glue and this is what followed:

What they actually are...

Weeell, I'm not one to use rubber stamps for their actual purpose, but they were so pretty that I needed them on my fridge's door! The truth is that one can glue little magnets on anything... Think about it. How about a fridge door covered with fabric roses? Or necklaces? Hmm, I got a feeling I'm gonna need some black roses here...


As for other things...
I went to see my family for the Christmas and had good, lazy time with them, got nice gifts from sweet persons and ate a lot. Also spend half of yesterday with J in a local spa (mostly by boiling oneself in a jacuzzi) and the other half eating a mountainful of pizza. In other words it has been good holidays so far, and more is to come.

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