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Visiting Antique Shops and Antiquarians at Tampere

It's quite a while ago that Magda of [Mute the Silence] asked me to go take pics of the local antique shops here in Finland. So I went to poke few of my favorites and here they are.

 First one here is antique shop Vanha Lady (transl. Old Lady) which is indeed kept by an old lady. Very talkative person and if I had spend there any more time I would have definitely ended up buying something...! The place is filled with all sorts of small things from jewelry to kitchen ware. There are also some chandeliers and seats here and there in the small shop. My favorites were the book holders (my artbooks so need, but my wallet so do not want) and the chandeliers.

Visit Old Lady at Hallituskatu 17, 33200 Tampere, Finland.

Second one was a local secondhand shop that many of you may have encountered in this blog already, for I often report finding nice things from there. That is Kaunotar and Kulkuri (transl. Lady and the Tramp). While they have a lot of casual clothing, there is also always something black, and usually good number of cute shoes. And some retro clothes, if you fancy that. If you are lucky you may also find some well known brands from them (Michael Kors boots last time I was there). I usually stop by whenever I go to see my grandparents or the secondhand markets close by. Sorry for the bad pics, but there was a good number of people around and I did my best not to take pictures of them!

Visit Kaunotar ja Kulkuri at Tammelan puistokatu 34, 33100 Tampere, Finland.

Thirdly we have my favorite antiquarian book store, the local chest of wonders, Lukulaari (not going to translate that). This store has two floors filled from floor to ceiling with piles of books, from history to comics, from fantasy to dictionaries. The books come in many languages, mostly Finnish and English though, but Swedish as well, and I think I have seen some in Russian and German. They also have a good selection of comics (incl. manga), CDs, DVDs and LPs. And magazines. And as all the shops of secondhand books the place first looks like a total chaos but it is nicely organized to genres and you can make really good finds from here. Also the prices are kind to students, not to mention that they take in a lot of books, if you find yourself with some you would like to depart with!

Find Lukulaari at Puutarhakatu 23, 33210 Tampere, Finland.

I wanted to get another antique shop on this post too, and since my second favorite place closed during the summer I rather randomly stepped in Wanha Wiljami (transl. Old Wiljami ( or Wilhelm, if you want)). They had mostly some bigger wooden furniture of the old Finnish style, but what I liked were the selection of all sorts of door handles, old keys etc. I was a bit shy here because the owner started to talk, so I didn't dare to shoot around with my camera that much...

Wanha Wiljami can be found at Hämeenpuisto 25, 33100 Tampere, Finland.

Also good places to visit at Tampere, that I didn't include to this post are
Tarina secondhand shop / secondhand market at Laukontori 4, 33200 Tampere, Finland.
PLT secondhand market (with furniture) at Sammonkatu 64, 33540 Tampere, Finland.
and the local Fidas, which too have now and then been seen on my bought-few-things -posts.

Would you have liked to see photos from those places too? Because I don't mind sneaking around, if that is the case.


As for other things
been reading old science magazines (Tieteen Kuvalehti), German comics and gathering trophies from Persona 4 Arena. And avoiding school work.. that one portfolio is just desperately late...! And so am I! From sleeping! The lagging Internet connection made this post almost impossible, for it seems the Photobucket was way too heavy. I should just have gone to sleep ;__;.

EDIT: And the fight seemed to be so desperate that I actually went to sleep and now it's 7:36, I got my photos on at last and here you go and here I go, school and dentist awaits!

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  1. Oh gosh :O Thank you so much for taking time to capture your visiting ^-^ I much i appreciate it!! Sooo many beautiful antique shops it is really overwhelming for old souls like us being around so many wonderful old things!! If i ever come to your beautiful country i will definitely use them as a guide!! Ohhh all the things you bought! That second hand bookstore omg i need to calm down haha :P

    P.S i couldnt say no to more pictures so feel free whenever you like to post more, huge fan <3 So thank you once again for the photos :*

    1. Hurhurhur u r wellcome <3.
      Yeah, and how much would I carry home from them had I some money! Especially the bookstore, o' my >u>~~

      Haha, alright, I'll carry a camera around and maybe will do another post like this^^.