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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 25-31

Haha, the title is a bit off since the month already ended! But here are the movies of the last week of the last month nevertheless!

Night 25


A geology expedition makes an interesting find in Amazon: a fossilized thing that might be a missing link in the evolution's chain. More researches arrive, but finds nothing. They follow the water to a lagoon, rumoured to be a paradise-like place where no one returns. Of course they go there, but what awaits them there and will they return from Black Lagoon...

After match: Yeap, think of that next time you swim and think someone touched your feet under water.

Night 26 


The Creature survived the first film but is not left alone: a new team comes wishing to capture it. And so they do and they take it with them to a Oceanarium, to be stared at. Well, as if the Creature would stay there nicely...

After match: Well, anyone would be pissed of by that.

Night 27


 A rainstorm causes harm somewhere in Wales, making a number of travelers to seek shelter from a old dark mansion, inhabited by old, strange people. They try to make the best of it, but sometimes things tend to go badly...

After match: Be careful when you seek shelter from suspicious mansions.

Night 28


The Paris Opera House gets new managers who are told of the ghost that lives in it. They laugh it off at first but then the first letters from the Phantom arrive, demanding a certain beautiful singer to be given the best roles, and if not bad things will follow.

After match: You know the story, so I kept it short. Oh. And lovely music, lovely movie. The epic over-acting was fun too, as you see, this too was a silent film.

Night 29


 Strange deaths of young ladies occur in 19th Paris, they are filed down as deaths by drowning, but in truth there is a mad scientist on lose. As a young pair visits a carnival, the murderer gets his eyes on a new target.

After match: You have no idea how much fun it is writing about horror with R-key working only half of the time, haha. And the movie was, err... was. Now which movie do we think about when speaking of big apes kidnapping ladies...

Night 30


Newlyweds Peter and Joan Alison are visiting Hungary for their honeymoon. In train they meet Dr Verdegast. They also share a bus later which crashes and they all seek shelter from a house of Mr Poelzig, who Dr Verdegast knows from the times of war and before. But there is a dark side to their history and it's time to sort things out...

After match: Answers to question "if Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff fought, who would win".

Night 31


A rich man dies, leaving behind a testament that is to be opened but twenty years after his death. When the family arrives to hear the testament, it appears that the envelope has been broken and someone knows what it says. The bad weather traps them all in the mansion and it is said that there are ghosts and mad murderers on lose...

After match: That was fun! Oh, and it was a silent film, so dialogue was presented in text screens, and that was awesome.


Whew, all done! 
Now, I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween?

As for other things, have been playing Guild Wars 2, watched Sword Art Online (aww) with sis and started Attack On Titan (Oh my!), went to see Thor: The Dark World (AND TOTALLY LIKED IT) and ate a large amount of sushi. Now must go get ready, must go somewhere still today, even though it feels like late evening of Sunday...

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  1. I love the posts about the Halloween-must-see-films sooo much ^-^ I took some ideas because apparently there are so many films i never watched or watched too young to understand :P

    1. So happy to hear! I was wondering if people got very bored by them xD.
      It's great if you have managed to pick interesting ones up from these! I'm afraid some of them weren't as good as some others though, so be careful xD. <3