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Tracon 8 Report

This year's [Tracon] was held 14.-15.9.2013 in Tampere, Finland.
8th.. wow. That must mean the first round was eight years ago? I was there too, and it doesn't feel like it has been that long time ago! Oh dear..

This year I strolled with [Giko], [Talu] and P(J). The program didn't hold anything major, but somehow we managed to be on some lecture or show or concert almost every hour of the convention (hence, sorry for not poking people much). And most of it had something to do with cosplay. One of my favorites was the Kingdom Hearts -piano concert. Very lovely and awoke a great urge to play the games, especially since the ReMIX edition of them has been released for Playstation 3. Oh my.

For the pictures we must once again thank Giko, who held the camera throughout the weekend. To see more pictures, see her Tracon post [here].

(TEKKEN! They threw a great show too!)

My lil sis! ♥ Her weapon was amazing! And her outfit turned out rather well too! You wouldn't have believed that we put it together on one day in the last week while munching away sushi and watching random movies!

I avoided the camera rather well and this one is taken at the evening/night of the first day, after con.

Gilet - Moi Meme Moitie // Vest-Shorts & Bird Skull Earrings - selfmade // Cross Necklace - Alchemy Gothic // Shoes & High Collar Shirt - secondhand

I did rather well with avoiding camera on the next day too. This one is taken by my mother, to whom I went after Tracon to pick some stuff up.

Black Scarf & Bag & Shirt - secondhand // Blue Rose Skirt - selfmade // Boots - Pennangalan (Linda Flame Flare) // Blue Cross Necklace - Moi Meme Moitie // Pentagram Earrings - Killstar

Yay. Mirrors.

The only thing I bought? This one:

And it came with an art book thing:

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  1. Ai sinäkin oot ollut siellä ihan ensimmäisessä Traconissa! Voi kamala, 8 vuotta.. :D Mua harmittaa kun en tullut tämän vuoden Traconiin koska a) paljon kavereita siellä (kuten sinä) b) siellä oli Flemeth ja muita DA cossaajia ja c) koska TARDIS.

    1. Haha, niimpä!
      Ja ensi vuonna sitten ;). Pitäs varmaan nähä joskus vaikka kahvi/teen merkeissä :).

    2. Niin pitää. Sovitaas pian joku päivä? ^^

    3. Ok, ens viikolla? Siirretaan tan keskustelun jatko pm:lle x).

  2. Ooij, tuo siniruusuinen hame on kyllä todella kaunis! :) Mukava postaus muutenkin lukea ja katsella, hienot kuvat. ^^

    1. Kiitoksia! Onneksi siskolla oli kamerassa tarpeeksi tehoja, niin saatiin kilpailijoista kuvia kaukana lavalla :).