torstai 24. lokakuuta 2013

They Followed Me Home, So I Called Them Mine

Seems like some things have indeed followed me home, even though I have been almost too busy to visit any but the food market!

On the first pic is a layered black skirt. The flowery pattern on the top layer (chiffon, I suppose) is velveteen. I bought it in order to have a longer skirt that I could use for biking around. Sadly it's so light that it's not very practical for that.. 5e, secondhand (Fida).

 These huge earrings were ordered from Killstar. They look cool but they are also way too heavy! Also there was a warning sheet in the package stating that they may break with ease and by anything...

Take-away sushi from Maruseki, my favorite restaurant. Eaten with my sis while sewing and watching random movies (Spirit & Rango).

Sorry for the shakey picture. This one was bought secondhand. I might have payed a bit too much for it, but it looked so lovely...!

A dark grey skirt for the casual days. It's of a good lenght, not to mention it was just 5e, haha.

A huge DeathNote wall flag, 2e, secondhand. Now where should I hang this...

That cute bag stared at me at Kaunotar & Kulkuri secondhand shop. It has surprisingly much room for all sorts of things. Under it is the newest ImagineFX, special issue. 

Games. Must. Love. Games.


As for other things.
Went to see two concert in Helsinki. The first one was The Gazette with Giko and Lon, the second one Editors with Talu. Live music is a lovely thing.

It was prohibited to take photos at The Gazette's gig, but Editors didn't mind.

Also ate fancily three courses at Maruseki with mom and sis:

Japanese kitchen is for the win. I have been trying out different recipes from cook books of Asian kitchens, but I must confess that I'm not exactly a natural cook... *cough*

Also went to see Addams Family at the local theater which gave me a perfect reason to stroll around in this epic dress with its very epic sleeves. Haha. I also spend the whole day before the theater floating around the apartment in this dress, it was awesome.
I still haven't figured where to put the camera to get but the mirror shots, but I'm working on it!

 Oh. Right. I wasn't supposed to write. I was supposed to sleep. Will be back to check my bloglist later then..!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Oh wow, I love the skirt fabric and OMG, your Addams Family dress is perfect, holy shit!!

  2. I love that skirt and bag! And your outfits! Ooooh so jealous!

    1. They are both very nice little things~
      Thank you!

  3. Ooo mitkä hihat tuossa viimisessä!! Halkean ♥ Tuon tapainen asu on itselläkin tulevana halloweenina, mutta ei noin komea :D

    1. Kyllä, ne hihat!!! ♥ Käsittämättömällä tuurilla törmäsin siihen paikallisessa Fidassa kerran! En tiedä, kuka on raaskinut luopua moisesta~
      Ja oi! Paljon kuvia asusta sitten!

  4. Onpas hienoja löytöjä! :) Ihailen miekin tuota viimeistä mekkoa, aivan ihanat hihat ja malli muutenkin! ♥ Kelpais miullekkin, syksy, talvi ja iiiiisot liehuhihat ne yhteen soppii.♥

    1. Kiitos! Niin sopivat! Olisi kyllä muikeaa omistaa moinen mekko vielä paremmin talviseen menoon soveltumana, nyt ovi käydä vähän viileäksi :,D.