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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 9-16

I see [Werewolf] joining in! Welcome, I hope you'll enjoy your stay~


Alright! It's time for the second patch of movies! I might be a bit behind with the movies, but I'll catch up!

9. Night


Old inventor, backed up by a wealthy lawyer comes up with invisibility machine and it proves to be a success when they test it on a beautiful lady, Kitty. Things go wrong when Kitty runs off to have some bending revenge, and some gangsters become interested of the device.

After match: Way to start! Not a horror movie, surely not. But it was alright anyway.

10. Night


The dwellers of village of Frankenstein blame their bad things on the supposed curse laying around the Frankenstein's castle, and decide to destroy it. Ygor who still lives in the castle tries to drive them off, but fails and soon he and Monster are heading to another village, to find the second son of the original Dr Frankenstein.

After match: How many Frankenstein themed movies are there?

11. Night


At the times of WWII, the grandson of the original invisible man is being sought after by the agents of both sides to get the invisibility recipe. He the decides to take a post as an agent himself, and off he goes to Germany...

After match: The grandson of the original film has fallen quite far from horror. But it wasn't half bad, yet what was that flowery kimono thing??

12. Night


A death in a family has faced mr Talbot who then returns to his ancestral home. Everything seems to be going jut fine: he finds a lovely lady and gets to save her friend from a wolf. But next he is accused of murder -and it seems that killing a wolf with silver may lead to unexpected events...

After match: ....can't get over the face. But this time it was a horror movie! I suppose! And that was a star more than a pentagram!

13. Night


Hungarian Count Alucard arrives to U.S.. And soon ladies act strange and odd deaths start to occur. When one of the ladies is fiancee-to-be of a bold young man who takes up a gun, secrets start to unravel themselves...

After match: He had a daughter, so naturally there is a son too. Am I the only one wishing that next Wife of Dracula will come and get revenge for whole family?

14. Night


The plot takes place after the events of The Wolf Man and Ghost of Frankenstein. Some graverobbers disturb the sleeping wolf, Mr Talbot, who then hurries to find the castle of Frankenstein, in hopes of making himself human again. And at the catacombs of castle Frankenstein, he finds Monster, but will he also find the notes of Dr Frankenstein, will they be use to him and what about beautiful Elsa and another local doctor?

After match: Dracula. They need Dracula here too. Harder to revive after his daughter burned him? (Not to mention that Lugosi would have needed to make two roles, which I'm sure he could have.)

15. Night


Thirty years after the first film (10min of flashbacking so that everyone knows what's going on), it's revealed that the villains of the first film survived and now they are on their way to U.S. And they want their revenge. And they have the mummy with them.

After match: That's some interesting luggage they got. But I'd still smuggle Dracula in mine.

16. Night


Vengeful doctor Niemann escapes the prison with help of the hunchback, while making their way to Frankenstein's castle, they run into Dracula, and when there, there are Monster and the Wolf Man. Then there is some love triangles and a pile of tragic deaths, but whose?

After match: .. so I got my Dracula in there now? And... this didn't feel at all like a super filler spin-off. And that was sarcasm if it's hard to notice through my writing.


As for other things. 
I need to write school things. So why am I writing this here?

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