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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 17-24


Whew! I'm still a bit behind, but here is the second last patch!

Night 17


A killer escapes a mental institution and he wants revenge on a respectable Herrick family who he claims to have cheated him his money. When an eager scientist tests his new invisibility formula on the killer, he starts to haunt Herricks to get what he wants...

After match: Not bad! But how many invisible things there are..?

Night 18


The story of Kharis and Ananka continue. The legend is told to a new  High Priest who sets off to revive Kharis with the mystic leaves, over at U.S. Kharis is already awake as an unlucky archeologist tries out the tana leaves... Also a young lady seems to have a strange connection to the old legend...

After match: Poor mummy, one must feel a bit sorry for him...

Night 19


Dr Franz Edelmann has a number of strange patients a certain "Baron" wants to be cured of vampirism and a certain Mr Talbott has a trouble with lycanthropy. Dr is sure he can heal them and the rest of his patients, but will they be able to handle their monstrous habits long enough..?

After match: Name sounds like a super spin-off, but I sort of liked the idea of them all going to a same doctor! Maybe someone should do a remake out of this..

Night 20


A certain swamp is disturbed by excavations and stirs up a bit more than just swamp fumes. A young lady who doesn't seem to remember anything appears and strange deaths by strangulation follow her as she escapes through the night. And of course the mummy Kharis appears with some help from the new High Priest.

After match: Not a bad one either, but watching the mummy is pretty painful. He is so slow, that any old man could outrun him, yet he manages to strangle a good amount of people and the ladies just faint around, come on!

Night 21


Everything seems to be lovely: the young lady Phyllis Allenby is living in a grand house with her aunt and cousing, and is going to get married to a man she loves. But awfully violent deaths start to occur at the park near-by, claimed to have been caused by a woman - a werewolf woman. And Phyllis is well aware of the old curse of the Allenbys, involving wolves. Is this her doing, why is there blood on her hands when she wakes up and what about the marriage?

After match: Another rather good one! I'm on a roll.

Night 22


In this horror thriller, a serial killer known as Creeper murders people and police try to catch him. While finding out the old revenge behind the murders, the time is running out on those who are involved...

After match: Piano music, one does appreciate.

Night 23


When a bar fight ends badly, a young rather immoral man escapes the angry mob and on his escape he runs to a pair of huge doors behind of which seems to be a mad world of it's own: a household, where he soon finds himself about to marry a young lady whose uncle wishes to arrange the marriage so that the lady would suffer as much as possible as a revenge for a lost love affair...

After match: Ehm. That's like from... some... paper back romance novel. Um. Ehm. Yeah.

Night 24


A meteor crashes down on a desert. And it didn't come down alone. In fact it wasn't much of a meteor, but a ship loaded with yummy little alien species. Those who saw it land are not believed, and the proof seems to disappear whenever they turn their backs on it. But when the aliens take over some locals, something must be done...

After match: Ok, that was scifi film. Well done effects from 1953, was fun to watch, fufufu.


Nononono, clock just isn't that much yet..!
It is? Shoot, again going to be dead tired at school.

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