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Get Ready For Halloween: Nights 1-8

Alright! Time to start at last! 
Took me a while to poke stuff together, but here they come:

1. Night
THE RAVEN (1935)

 Everything starts when a beautiful lady is in a serious car accident and the only one who can save her is Dr. Richard Vollin who has a great passion towards Poe's writings and a respectable collection of home made torture devices inspired by Poe. After the operation Dr Vollin finds himself in love, even obsessed by the lady, whose father though quite disapproves. The obsession then grows into a fatal plan...

After match: Oh, that was quite fun! Everyone loves huge houses with secret doors and things, right?

2. Night


 Dracula has been destroyed by Von Helsing, who is blamed for a murder (of someone he claims to have died over 500 yeas ago) and is going to get sentence for that. Instead of a lawyer he calls one of his old students, Dr. Jeffrey Garth, for help. At the same time Dracula's daughter, Countess Zaleska, comes to the town, steals the body of her father and burns it to free herself from vampirism. When this does not work, she too turns to Dr. Garth for help, but things won't always go as planned...

After match: Wow, that's one femme fatale! Nice for a change amongst all these screaming and fainting ladies.

Night 3

NIGHT KEY (1937)

An inventor comes up with a new system for burglar alarms, but is tricked from the profits. He then goes for a little bit of a revenge, but the invention attracts some unwanted attention from dangerous gangsters...

After match: Gangsters? Wops, it wasn't exactly a horror film! But it was fun.

Night 4


Dr. Janos Rukh comes up with a new telescope which can look to the past, and sees a meteor hitting the Earth long, long time ago. As a group of scientist go to do some excavations on the meteor, Dr. Rukh is exposed to dangerous radiation, which makes him glow in dark and to be able to kill people with simply a touch of his hands. But it also makes him slowly to lose his mind, and soon he is after the lives of those who were at the excavation side with him, including his colleagues, friends - and his wife.

After match: Gah! I got tricked by Bela Lugosi! This wasn't exactly horror either, but science fiction. Maybe I should check what the film is about before I watch them? But... there might be spoilers! On we go!

Night 5


A wealthy botanist mr Glendon travles to Tibet in search of a rare plant. While there he is attacked by a werewolf, though the meaning of this isn't clear to him but later. He returns to his home at London with the plant, and when home he starts to change -and the only thing that keeps him from killing those he loves the most is the flowers of this plant that only flowers at moon light. But there are also other after the flower, and soon the headlines of magazines have some suspicious, horrible murders on their titles...

After match: Humdehumdehum. The grannies were for the win!

Night 6


Years after the incident involving certain Dr Frankenstein, his son, with his son and wife, come to the village in dreamy hopes, but are greeted by hostile villagers. However they settle in, while they are constantly facing the fears of a new Monster. Baron Fankenstein meets Ygor one day, and is led to find Monster in comatose at the crypts. He can't help the feeling that he must, as a scientist, poke Monster... even if just a little bit. Soon the villagers and the family of Frankenstein have more to fear than just memories...

After match: First Daughter of Dracula, then Son of Frankenstein. Next must be Grandma of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? It was nice, nevertheless.

Night 7


 Sir Radcliffe is accused of a murder of his brother, though he is innocent. Needing more time to prove his innocent, his friend Dr. Griffin (brother of the original invisible man), bails him out of jail using the invisibility drug his brother created on Sir Radcliffe. The escape is a success, but the sand on the hourglass is running: Dr. Griffin now needs to find a cure to the drug, or his friend will die insane as well as invisible. While Dr Griffin searches for cure, Radcliffe searches the truth behind the murder he was blamed for. But the time is running out on them both...

After match: So it wasn't the Grandmother then. Quite interesting one, this one, yes.

Night 8


 Long ago in ancient Egypt a man was mummified and buried alive as a punishment for his crime, which he did out of love, to bring his loved princess back to life. He didn't succeed, and instead was cursed not to be able to enter the next world. Years later some archaeologists hear of a hidden tomb and they go for it in hopes of finding something that would grand them wealth and fame. But what they and those they drag to excavation site with them, find something quite else... And soon there is a mummy on a lose.

After match:

On the left is George Zucco playing Professor Andoheb, on the right Arnold Vosloo from The Mummy of 1999, playing high priest Imhoteb. Am I the only one who see some resemblance? It was very confusing every time Zucco strolled on screen during this film...


I read The Book Of Beasts to it's end and am now reading through Lewis Carroll's Alice stories. Such a pretty looking book, lovely original pictures of John Tenniel. Very fitting of the candle light and evenings of autumn.

As for other things. I miss my piano. Must plug it on the wall soon. Very soon.

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