tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

Last Days of Summer, First Nights of Autumn

Welcome to [kikiscreations]! Happy to have you around!


Autumn has been freezing my fingers during the mornings for a good amount of days already, and all the days filled with a good number of things have been keeping me away from this blog. But here is a few pictures to prove that during the silence of last days of summer and the first days of autumn I have done some things aside school and work.

I visited an amusement park with [Giko], [J-pon] and T. It was all nice... if we don't count this one part where I got kinda sick, haha, am I getting old? Well, rollercoasters are still a lot of fun!

Sadly I visited the family's summer cottage just once and managed to go swimming around a lake just few times. Such a shame.

At a local lake close by. Ducks. 

 The best beach I know, at lake Haukkajärvi. Sadly I dragged myself, sis and J-pon there on a day that suddenly got filled with thunderstorms. It got kinda cold, and not the best idea maybe to swim with lightnings...

After changing apartments, my way to the school got a rather epic route, which takes me through an old graveyard. Nice and peaceful place. I might not walk there when it's dark and no one is around though, haha.

 [Miss K] got back from Paris and came to tea and treats, and to throw me with some lovely gifts. Thank you ♥.

And what is that? Me and J-pon tried to find food from local shops and that's what we saw. We did not use it for our ramen.

And a first mirror shot in the new place! Haha.
Off to listen Two Witches and Silent Scream at Dog's Home some time ago.

After which I got a flu. After which I have been having terrible teeth ache and having doctors stealing all my moneys. And I took my third tattoo. And attended Tracon (about that a report follows later).

Also playing Guild Wars 2 and Mass Effect. And reading The Book of Beasts by John May & Michael Marten. And watching Supernatural.

maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

The Terracotta Army and Treasures of the First Emperors of China

Vapriikki, the museum centre in Tampere, Finland, has a visiting exhibition as the title states:
The Terracotta Army and Treasures of the First Emperors of China.

That's one long name. But it's a good summary too.
And of course I went to see it, and if some of you find yourselves around here and interested the exhibition stays where it is until the first of December.
Tickets: 9e (adult), 5e (children, students)

[Official sites] (English)
[Official sites] (Finnish)

Here some pictures, for Vapriikki doesn't mind cameras as long as there is no flash. I do like Vapriikki.


After the exhibition, my fingers were a little bit trigger happy, so here are few pictures of the city I live in as well. Tampere is an old factory city, where most of the factory buildings were build using red bricks. It's a shame to see some of the old, beautiful places torn down, but luckily the ones in the central are safe, because they belong to the image, mheh.


As mentioned before, I have been having all my things packed up for the summer, but now that I moved in with some roommates, I've finally got to unload some boxes. I do need to move everything once again in two months, but luckily that's just inside the same apartment. And the moving business has forces me to look eye in eye the fact that I have too much of everything. But I do love my everything. Sadly love doesn't make more room in this space of a room. Therefore.. I might need to put some stuff on sale in some point.

As for other things, I just finished reading Clive Barker's Abarat in Finnish, and yes, it was much better in English. But these books looked so good in my bookshelf... Now reading the second part of the same series.

Oh, right. Supposed to wake up in around 7h. Therefore: to sleep!