keskiviikko 21. elokuuta 2013

Winter Is Coming, Therefore I Need Jackets

Adjusting my timetables and energies to flow to right directions have proved to be a bit tricky now that the schools have started again. So blogging speed will continue with a slow pace for a bit longer. Especially since I need to haul some boxes again this weekend, being slightly between apartments.. what a joy.


Jackets, jackets, jackets. How much do I adore you? Too much? Well, of course.

Punk Rave jacket, secondhand, 3e.

Of this one I didn't get a good picture, so I'm using an official one. It's from Punk Rave as well, and if I had enough money, I would without a doubt buy a dozen more from this brand. I guess they are my favorite jacket brand? Haha.



 Didn't I already have a striped jacket? I did. They are so not the same. This one is from H&M.
And it fell in love with the bird skull brooch from reStyle, so I let them have themothers.

This velveteen jacket has been in a lot of use on the chilly mornings lately, 3e, secondhand.

A warm jacket for winter -and for kodona! It's a secondhand piece in a perfect condition from Kaunotar & Kulkuri, where I walked in today by accident.

Aside the jackets some other new children have wandered to my chaos garden. For example this stunning book. A Finnish translation of Lord of the Rings from 1985, which makes it older than me. It was so beautiful that I could not leave it behind, 6e, secondhand.

A black dress of soft velvet, 8e, secondhand. It's price tag stated it vintage, and when I went through its labels etc I might even believe it.

Two casual shirts for autumn/winter. Long sleeves. Yay. 2,5e & 3e, secondhand.

These two strolled to me all the way from Australia from a lovely seller I found from eBay. Lip Service's Dutchess de Sade things, which I personally am quite fond of. I only wish I would by some miracle come by the long skirt and the jacket from the series, oh, see me drooling on my keyboards. ...Not a pretty sight? Give me those two and I'll stop.

Diesel's Loverdose also ended up in here, and not just because of the pretty bottle! Since I'm not just buying pretty bottles... Even if I do really like pretty bottles. I might have a few empty ones just hanging around, because they are pretty...


Aside of that, I have been watching Supernatural's season 1, read through The Sword of Shame (interesting), Artemis Fowl & Atlantiscomplex (is it written like that?) by Eoin Colfer (is he written like that?), Ai No Kusabi 5: Darkness by Rieko Yoshihara and am working on with Ai No Kusabi 6: Metamorphose. Also played through Persona 4 Arena of which some gametalk can be spotted [here]. And since I'm having a good mood with reading right now, I think I'll go and fetch my book now. 
 See you soon~

torstai 8. elokuuta 2013

Sewetinsew & Something to Read

I would have so much to write here, but am feeling so restless that I can't. Therefore, here is again pics and few lines to go with them.

But first of all! Welcome [ChaseTheMourning] who has cool piercings! I hope you'll enjoy my randomity here.

I saw this wonderful fabric at eBay and needed to get it right away. And I did. And I had big plans for it, but I got some difficulties to get some needed materials and.. In the end it ended up as a rather simple dress for Talu. But I hope she liked it anyway, haha. Sorry, I'll try to make something better next time.

Yes the size of the dress and the size of the form are not the same.

Th fabric is a lot darker, but my camera likes to twists the colors in indoors photos.

This reminds me that I never got to take any pictures of the gilet I made and she stole! Must remember to try to get her take some, because it turned out rather nice.

I would like to sew something again, but because of the restless feeling I can't seem to start.


While visiting some secondhand markets, I found the magazine and the Gothic Lolita Bible from one of the tables. Maybe I should poke them for some sewing energy? 
Also I decided to get Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss to my shelf. Now, does someone want to get rid of theirs, in finnish? My sister luckily promised to grand me 1. and 3. parts. Must keep my eyes open at next conventions, in case of some special prices!

These three were waiting for me at my favorite antiquarian book store. 
The middle one is a book of... medieval murders that seem to be connected to this one sword, and the one on the right is a book of strong women throughout history.  Oh, and I'm in fact reading Sword of Shame at the moment, it's quite interesting and I do like following a sword instead of human characters, haha. After I finish it, I think I'll post it to one of my friends, who I believe might be interested of it too...

The one on the left is an artbook, therefore have some pics:


Hmm, I think I'll go and see if I can save one sewing project from last month now, yeah. I'll be back in a moment, yeah.