maanantai 1. heinäkuuta 2013

Disney Couture

Welcome Therese! I hope you'll have fun reading my blog!


This has been hanging on my tabs for forever. And then it got lost. And was found again. So I suppose everyone already knows, but why would that stop me?

Well, everyone does love Disney movies, unless there is something wrong with your upbringing. 
I didn't mean that, really, but let's say.. many love Disney. For those, Disney Couture surely give giggles and good spirits with their jewelry that takes inspiration from Disney's works, from Cinderellas to Pirates of Caribbean. And there is some really nice looking pieces in there. With, well, high prices, but that doesn't mean you can't stare at them! 

For those, who have money and so: The shop is located in Australia (and New Zealand), they ship internationally and they seem to be using eway in payments (I'm not familiar with this one). 

Some cute things from their sites:

 "Make a wish and take a bite" engraved on it.

With quote "Listen with your heart." 

  "Beauty Lies Within."

These four... welcome to my jewelry box any day!


As for other things.
I'm still living in a cardboard box. And I so want to sew things, but so don't have the time.

Remember how I managed to dislocate letter R on my keyboard? Now the same happened to W as well. So if those two at times seem to be missing from my text, please forgive.

Oh! I wrote some gametalk in LJ, for those interested, see [Portal 2] and [Spyro the Dragon].
The blog chess is on hold still, until I find my chess board from some of the boxes!

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  1. Aw, they are cute. the 1985 miniseries of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is my favourite version though, better than the Disney one. But I like the others, especially Beauty and the Beast!

    My bird Isambard Steamparakeet tore out the delete key on my keyboard, then destroyed the mechanism underneath. It's pretty funny, he's named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel who built things, but he destroys them! Now just have to hope I never need control alt delete.

    1. Yeah, cute they are~

      Hahaha, that's so cute, what a fitting name xD. Birds <3,

  2. Muistaakseni nuita Disney Couturen koruja oli joku kuukausi- kaks sitten Memberssillä alessa, tuli katsottua itekkin, kun oli niin söpöjä koruja. :) Ainakin muistelen, et tuo merkki se oli, luulisi että uudestaan saattais joskus tulevaisuudessa tulla alet nuissa - ehkä. :)

    1. Niin oli! Luonnollisesti missasin, koska huomaan membersin jutut järjestäen liian myöhään :').

  3. Wow, those pieces are amazing! I wish I had some money to spend =D
    The thing with the keyboards happens to me, too, some I have lost, others tend to get stuck, ugh! I hate it so much!

    1. They are..!
      Yes, it's very annoying! Like, when one has written a good deal of text with good flow and then... no r-letters anywhere, what a bummer! Haha!