sunnuntai 23. kesäkuuta 2013

Breaking A Break

Quite accidentally this has become the longest break in the four years that I have been writing here. And I had no intention to hold a break, none at all. I have a loads of things to write and spam about, but the time to do so -that I still don't seem to have. It all started with exams at spring, I needed to study and stress, then the summer job started, then I ended up packing my things and getting ready to move out, not always sure about where that "somewhere" was actually. You can imagine how wonderfully unsettling situation that was. 
So now finally, still leading a cardboardboxlife, I mustered myself here and thought to write at least a little notice. 

Because of the lack of free time this spring/summer, I have also ended up missing some gigs and clubs. Especially one that one club... I wish I had been there! But I was at work. And I am going to need some money this autumn, so work goes first as long as I can make it to Lumous.
One thing that I didn't miss completely is the metal music festival Sauna Open Air. The above pics where I'm armed with a NW shirt are from that weekend. I didn't have a ticket in, but loitered around the festival area with a friend nevertheless. And I was overly joyed when our inside-man brought us autographs of Nightwish members! With that I had no problem with staying awake at work the night between the festival days, haha!

While getting all of my belongings up and together, I needed to part with some as well. So been giving things to charity, getting a table from secondhand market and bringing some of my stuff to secondhand shop Kaunotar & Kulkuri (still there some wedges and shirts and things if locals are interested). Naturally I can't go there without bringing things back with me haha. One of the best items I have encountered this summer has been that long, light, black skirt in above pic. It's awesome and cost me next to nothing. 

No idea how those got here. But gods do I want to spend some time gaming! 

I was supposed to sell things not buy.. I must have gotten confused in some point, oh my...

Now then, I must sleep soon. As soon as possible. Now.
Good nights, I'll be back soon to check updates of all I follow and to write something random again, as always.

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