sunnuntai 12. toukokuuta 2013


When you buy things, sometimes, it's a good idea to pay a bit more for some quality. To make the item last. Less damage to nature. Less damage to wallet on a long run. Less disappointments. 

Here is a good example for us all.

I met shoes. I liked the style and needed some flat-sole somewhat-practical shoes. If they were able to be incorporated to different styles, even better. And I found a pair that somewhat fit the description. With lowered price, lucky me. I bought them. I wore them for two months, normal sort of usage: at work, to market etc. 
I personally think that after two months the shoes shouldn't look like this:

The fringe was the best part, I thought when I bought them. It was the one to start failing first too. This you could glue back, but then...

Wide smiles on shoes are not very nice thing.

Wide smiles on both ends, oh no.

Look at that. Look at that. In two months, I was losing the whole bottom of the shoe!

Most interesting to walk with those.

As you can see from the bottoms. I didn't use them enough for them to look as they look now.

To translate the pictures above to text: these shoes were complete waste of money. I would have been disappointed if I had paid more than 5e for shoes like that. And I did pay more, enough to be grumpy about it. And no, they weren't listed as 2nd class items.

So if you buy your items as new, buy things that can actually handle some usage. As listed above, you can save many things by doing that. Of course sometimes you don't exactly know what you are buying and this happens. Haha. They say that nowdays shoes/clothes are not made to last, but they should last at least few years instead of few months!


Blog chess time!

Bishop to A4.
The opportunity is too delicious to pass! Arwen was open to attack and Golum taggled her! What will Aragorn do now...

Yes, my humongous orc bishop did a transformation for this pic, as I made the move straight to [Giko's] own chess board.

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  1. oO Meanwhile I have a pair of shoes my mum bought herself in the 70's: she said they were a little bit expensive for a student but she really needed them and used them a lot. They're showing signs of wear by now in 2013 but they're still in one piece and not too badly scratched looking. And they're by far not the only OLD shoes I have - next time I go to Finland I'll try to remember to take photos of my whole 60's-70's collection.

    1. Yeah, I too have a jacket from my mom from 70's and it has seen a lot of use but shows none...
      And you absolutely should! That would be cool~

  2. Ohhoh, ompas huono laatuiset kengät. :O Uskomattoman huonot liimaukset, mitä alemmas selasi kuvia, niin sitä enemmän ihmetteli et miten on mahdollista kahdessa kuukaudessa kenkien kuluminen nuin! Puuttuu vaan se, et oisivat viel jotain tunnetumpaa laadukkaampaa merkkiä.

    1. Ihan älyttömän huonolaatuset, siksi oli pakko postata :').
      Ei onneksi ollut, haha!

  3. Haha oh shit, mulla on noi samat kengät vieläpä kahdessa eri värissä. Käytin itse niitä KERRAN ja alkoi jo hymyillä toisesta päästä. Maksoivat onneksi vain 7e per pari, mutta jumalauta silti! EI oo eka kerta ku Spirit storesta ostetut kamat vaa hajoilee käsiin. Ostin kys. lafkasta 1,5 vuotta sitten jakun joka oli ihan made in Italy ja sen hintainenkin. Vuori repesi ekalla käyttökerralla ja on nyt ihan järkyttävässä kunnossa. Taidan kiertää Spirit storen tästä lähtien ja kaukaa...

    1. Haha, niimpä! Kannattaa olla varovainen niitten kenkien kanssa...
      Taidan kiertää kanssa kys kaupan omat tuotteet ainakin turvaetäisyydeltä.

  4. Oh, wow, no, that's not how shoes should look like after that short time, woah o0 I can understand you are disappointed, they look dangerous to walk in by now!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, by the way, It really got me motivated to come back :)

    1. Yeah, they were like a bad joke xD.
      Haha, wonderful to have you back and only glad if I had part in that <3.