maanantai 27. toukokuuta 2013

Challenge of A Borrowed Item

In 1 vs 100 -entry wonderful [Kaino] gave me this task:

I immediately knew that I was going to loan the item from my little sister, because her wardrobe is one big rainbowmadness. And what is not my style? I needed something light pink. Since I was supposed to make it work in an outfit, I went for incorporating the item into gothic style.
And yes, a wig counts as a piece of clothing!

Jacket & Skirt - Lip Service // Pinstriped Platform Heels - Demonia // Pinstriped Mini Top Hat - Gift // Black Bag - secondhand // Wig - loaned

Sorry for the face, it's a bit off, haha! But I love that jacket (Diamond Dynasty by Lip Service, I want rest of them too!) to pieces even though I haven't used it much. As for the wig.. can I please have it to myself in some other color?! It was amazing! Thank you [Giko] for loaning the wig and taking these pics for me!


Blog chess time!
 photo IMG_0756_zps77935ff8.jpg

 Soldier to F6!
Orcs, orcs, more orcs!

I must be off to study now, then soon off to work.
And neither of those have threatened my sanity at all as you can see:


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  1. Whoaaaah I did not see this coming! :D Oh my Bob how do you still manage to look like yourself is either a miracle or a sign of killer coordination skills, I'm putting my money on the latter. Btw love that Lip Service suit~

    1. Hahaha, glad to hear that and thank you 8D.
      And I toterial ally love it too, if I had a chance I'd so get the rest of the clothes of this line from them too D:. The material is wonderful~