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Yoshitaka Amano

I was accidently (how can such a thing happen accidently?) hunting art books on ebay, something with Yoshitaka Amano's works on them. And then I ran to these intriguing tarot cards illustrated by him. I couldn't resist..! (No one is surprised by that.)


Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano is Japanese artist born 1952. He became interested of drawing in young age and in 1967 he was introduced to early Japanese animation movement as he started working in the business. It was also in 1960's when he was introduced to Western art styles through comic books, which he himself has claimed as one of his artistic roots.
In early 1980's his works started to concentrate in illustrations for science fiction and fantasy. His handwork has been seen in character designing, illustrations, theatre and film scene designs and costume designs. Unsurprisingly his otherworldly beautiful works have gained much attention around the globe and he has gained many awards on the way.

Some of the things in which you might have seen his designs and works could be for example Final Fantasy game series, Vampire Hunter D novel series and also Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: The Dream Hunters.

I came across his works through my love to video games. Final Fantasy. Obviously. I find Yoshitaka Amano's works wonderfully beautiful, intriguing and full of details and therefore wonderful inspiration and adventure for eyes and imagination. There is something very natural, flowing and poetic in his works.

So! The tarot cards. They seemed like a fun addition in the art book collection. And they were pretty, yes. But someone certainly cheated, for the minor arcana didn't have cool pics on them (or the small numbers did not). I certainly had hoped whole deck to be illustrated, not only because I bought the deck for Amano's illustrations, but also because pics help to remember what the card was in tarotwise.

Have some pics anyway:

There was also this bookie in the box with the tarot deck itself:
 photo IMG_5567_zpsc72b4dd5.jpg
Naturally I don't understand a thing.

 photo IMG_5569_zpsbb67237d.jpg
One day, maybe, one day..!


 photo IMG_5553_zps7df89422.jpg
As for other things... everyone sure wanted to stare at my nostrils?

NO, that wasn't it. 
Ah, I'm going to have my hair cut on Friday, this time prolly nothing that dramatic, but maybe something blue? And my bangs have reached my eyebrows, time to cut cut cut cut cut it out. Ha. *humming a song*
Also played through Final Fantasy IX (the game talk in [here]), in which the character designs are by Yoshitaka Amano, btw. Also went to see Cloud Atlas and it was very, very beautiful, go see it if you have a chance. Also, some Talu person has managed to addict me on Guild Wars 2, so I must excuse myself for now, for some gaming needs to be done.


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