perjantai 26. huhtikuuta 2013

Some More Black, Please

Summer doesn't change the fact that black is the best color for all the clothes.


It might be a long shirt, it might be a very short dress. I thought it fitting for the approaching (now already passed) spring cruise with friends, or especially the day after. From a local flea market with 3.5e.

I wasn't sure whether to like the fabric or not, but since I loved the shape, I carried it home. The neckline is carved very nicely down from the backside and looks very elegant when worn. 9e, secondhand shop Kaunotar & Kulkuri.

This one is more serious-looking dress. Oh my. And the stripes are light from my window, not on the dress, haha. 9e, Kaunotar & Kulkuri.

This one is short, very light jacket thing, with half-lenght-sleeves, with whole-lace-back. It looked pretty, and since it's very light, I believe it will be a good thing to throw on during summer evenings. Few euros, Kaunotar & Kulkuri.

My love for jackets took the better of me. I shouldn't have bought this, but I still did! It was clearly selfmade, but very pretty and good, clean work. Sadly it should have been a bit bigger... so why did I buy it? I got the shopping blindness in some point, I suppose, and now, here it is, haha. From Kaunotar & Kulkuri.

This huge bag here I bought for my laptop. In very good condition, though its lock was broken. My grandpa changed the lock, and look at it now: as if it was made this way. My grandfather's ability to fix things is out of this world. The bag was 5e, from a local fleamarket.

Not all is black! This one is purple, haha. Bought during our spring cruise with J, K, A & P. Yay.

I have read Shogun and Tai-Pan from James Clavell before, so I'm looking forwards to read these too. Wonderful adventure writer, if you ask me. The both parts of Gai-Jin by Clavell were 1.5e each at a local fleamarket. I hate the word "fleamarket". Maybe I should use secondhand market instead? Sounds cleaner.

Also, found myself in need of notebooks, so to Suomalainen Kirjakauppa I went, and these two volunteered to be scribbled upon. They costed about 10e each. Would be so much cheaper and easier to store, if I just wrote on computer. But that just doesn't have the same feeling, or do you disagree?


As for other things. What can I say. 
Going to practice iaido this weekend at Helsinki. Which means, I think I'll be right off to train my kiritsukes right now. Yeah.

Before that!

Thank you for the sweeties who threw me with challenges! I'll be starting with them, when I can!

And still here!

Messanger (or what ever its name) to D7.
[Giko's] elven lady is threatening mighty Saruman, so he hides behind a giant orc.

Now, where is my sword.

torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Red Things

Whoa whoa whoa.
Lots of things to do suddenly, immediate rise of stress level. Nevertheless, have a short post before I'm escaping the reality to the world of Guild Wars 2.


It was autumn/start of winter 2012 that I and [Talu] were on a fabric store and I convinced her to let me sew a jacket for her out of this random red velveteen pile of fabric. And she agreed. And I didn't make it for Christmas. In the end I didn't make it in time for her birthday either. But I got it done now! Yayy *coughing guiltily*

I'm not that used to sewing jackets (let'sseeoncebefore), so I went for a simple approach to the subject.

Sorry for the backgrounds, I was in a hurry. Or lazy. You never know in my case. Also, don't mind the clearly visible unfittingness on the dress form due wrong size, same excuse as stated above.

As so often before, I had some leftovers and needed to do something about them. So I made Talu another jacket. And tested some weird shoulders on the way. Had fun. Not that I'd expect her to actually wear these, I just like to sew xD.

Eyelets all the way the back~


Also! [Giko] was very brave and took up my blog chess challenge, so from now on we will be posting moves until someone is defeated! We also realized that since we both have LotR chess sets, using them will make this even more epic, haha.

Soldier to D6
Sam is so gonna get eaten.

I just hope she doesn't have Elrond on her grew, I'm not sure if I'd be mentally able to eat him...

Oh, and if you haven't done it yet, you can still throw challenges and questions at the [1 vs 100 -entry]!

keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013

Yoshitaka Amano

I was accidently (how can such a thing happen accidently?) hunting art books on ebay, something with Yoshitaka Amano's works on them. And then I ran to these intriguing tarot cards illustrated by him. I couldn't resist..! (No one is surprised by that.)


Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano is Japanese artist born 1952. He became interested of drawing in young age and in 1967 he was introduced to early Japanese animation movement as he started working in the business. It was also in 1960's when he was introduced to Western art styles through comic books, which he himself has claimed as one of his artistic roots.
In early 1980's his works started to concentrate in illustrations for science fiction and fantasy. His handwork has been seen in character designing, illustrations, theatre and film scene designs and costume designs. Unsurprisingly his otherworldly beautiful works have gained much attention around the globe and he has gained many awards on the way.

Some of the things in which you might have seen his designs and works could be for example Final Fantasy game series, Vampire Hunter D novel series and also Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: The Dream Hunters.

I came across his works through my love to video games. Final Fantasy. Obviously. I find Yoshitaka Amano's works wonderfully beautiful, intriguing and full of details and therefore wonderful inspiration and adventure for eyes and imagination. There is something very natural, flowing and poetic in his works.

So! The tarot cards. They seemed like a fun addition in the art book collection. And they were pretty, yes. But someone certainly cheated, for the minor arcana didn't have cool pics on them (or the small numbers did not). I certainly had hoped whole deck to be illustrated, not only because I bought the deck for Amano's illustrations, but also because pics help to remember what the card was in tarotwise.

Have some pics anyway:

There was also this bookie in the box with the tarot deck itself:
 photo IMG_5567_zpsc72b4dd5.jpg
Naturally I don't understand a thing.

 photo IMG_5569_zpsbb67237d.jpg
One day, maybe, one day..!


 photo IMG_5553_zps7df89422.jpg
As for other things... everyone sure wanted to stare at my nostrils?

NO, that wasn't it. 
Ah, I'm going to have my hair cut on Friday, this time prolly nothing that dramatic, but maybe something blue? And my bangs have reached my eyebrows, time to cut cut cut cut cut it out. Ha. *humming a song*
Also played through Final Fantasy IX (the game talk in [here]), in which the character designs are by Yoshitaka Amano, btw. Also went to see Cloud Atlas and it was very, very beautiful, go see it if you have a chance. Also, some Talu person has managed to addict me on Guild Wars 2, so I must excuse myself for now, for some gaming needs to be done.


sunnuntai 7. huhtikuuta 2013

1 vs 100

Welcome to [starlit]! I hope you will enjoy my blog~


Which brings us to the theme of the day!
There is one hundred followers now, one hundred. So this was just a way too delicious opportunity to do this.


to challenge me. 
What would you like to see? Me sewing something epic? Painting your face on paper? Play your favorite song on piano? Take pictures of all the jackets I have? Bring it on! Even if it's just a question you want an answer to, let me hear it.

Naturally, anything that goes way over my comfort zone or are otherwise lethal ideas, will be left out. You will have two weeks' time to throw me with challenges, so to 21.4.2013. After that I'll start taking them on, one by one by one.

To be a good hostess, I'll start by challenging one of you to a blog chess match! 
The first one to take up the challenge will be my opponent.

What you will need is a chess board and a vague idea of the rules of the game. You can remind yourself of them with this [Wikipedia page of rules of chess].
You also should have a blog to play, otherwise this isn't much of a blog chess.
No need for being of a mighty skill. I'm not much of an opponent, I don't play often and for the last three matches I played, I lost each and under 5mins. Ah. But it is still an epic game.

How will we proceed?
We will both post our next move once in a week. Ie both will have a week's time to think, less is ok as well, naturally.
We will post a pic of the move, and state the movement.

For example:

"I'll move a white soldier to b3."
How the picture looks like, is up to you, as long as it will show which soldier/etc it was that got moved on board.

 So that's it. Who of you is brave enough to take up my challenge?

..I didn't scare you all off, did I now?

Chess has a special place in my heart, because it's a game that my father loves. He used to play chess through letters with people all around the world. I bet they had to wait the moves longer than a week sometimes, hehe. Sadly, I haven't inherited his talent in this, but as long as it's fun, does it really matter that much? Nope, it doesn't. Let's have some fun.


As for other things.
Oh my. I have been sewing (and other things, like watching Game of Thrones' (seasons 1 & 2) marathons with [Talu], continued my Roma season 2 marathon and playing) again, and I have set my deadlines for this week, and it starts to look a bit tight. Oh my. Will be busy with that for next three days I suppose.

Now a game is needing my attention, I'll be soon back to check all the updates from the awesome bloggers that I follow. Laters~